WFR114: Scott Mizrachi – Foolish Wisdom


Scott Mizrachi is a longtime JP folk hero. Powerhouse show booker, running Squirrel Cafe and now, 2014’s honorary gardener of the Whitehaus garden. His debut recording effort is a wonderful, smooth listening experience. The songs are catchy, dreamy, and original, arranged simply and effortlessly for guitar and vocals.

Listen to Foolish Wisdom on Bandcamp!

WFR113: Friendship Ceremonies / Ghost in Salad (Split CD-R)


Friendship Ceremonies is sax slinger Andy Allen of Jamaica Plain (Major League, Bushwacked, ex-Guerilla Toss). He presents a full range of jazz showcasing many signature JP SOUND moves while maintaining a strong original voice in the community. Drum machines pounding, horns a blowing, flutes a tootin, feel the new space vibes. Ghost in Salad is Jeff Johnson of favorited green-paint grunge-hop group ‘Hunnie Bunnies;. Jeff’s sounds are of the pizza clown variety, stubbed toe on a parking meter, contact mic stranglings and private diaper wearing at home. We appreciate his very personal flairs.

Released as a CD-R in edition of 75 with screen printed Jeff Johnson artwork on both covers and CD-R’s. Paper insert also by Jeff Johnson.

WFR111: Chillith Fair 1-5 Compilation (digital)


Somebody had to say it. Casey Rocheteau and Kate Lee were sitting around trying to think of the best fest you could do and they did it. After 5 amazing showcases ‘celebrating women in music’ from places as weird as the abandoned bear cages in the snow, to a full on proper theater with lights + bells + whistles. Every single Chillith Faire was a special event gaining notoriety for booking seasoned performers as well as giving the newbie a shot too. Most were sprawling line-ups with amazing artistic range and diversity, this 2hour long compilation gives just a small taste! Much thanks to all the Chillith performers!!!

Released digitally at

WFR110: Illusion of Porpoise (CD-R / Digital)


Illusion of Porpoise is a band fresh out of 2013 with Boston’s most crucial music appreciators assembling in a super-group that spills an original mind tangling sound. If you’re looking for a challenging listen then listen no further for this disc hurts. Like a washing-machine rolling down a hill you can’t stop tuning it. All silences are intentional.

Released for free digitally under creative common licensing at and also in CD-R (edition of 50). Front artwork by Justine Berti, back artwork by Sydney Kinchen. WFR stamped CD-R, with paper insert.

WFR109: Knight Howls – Knight Howls / Live on Space Mountain (7″)


“You cannot have more fun than seeing these guys play. Boston’s one & only literally-act-like-you’re-a-rabid-wolf-under-a-full-moon-until-the-audience-loses-it’s-mind-laughing band, and man they are great at it. Rolling on the floor, clawing at laps, playing in imaginary leaves. Using nothing but a couple of microphones, these two fellas can easily rouse (and control!) a couple hundred people into acting out the night like animals. One side is a combination of a ton of different live recordings, and the flip is recorded while riding on Disney’s Space Mountain roller coaster. Arkm Foam (Bang Bros, Whitehaus, Peace Loving) & Frank Hurricane (holy man-about-town).”
-Angela Sawyer, Weirdo Records



“Sophie Dickinson plays a wooden harp, which she cares for visibly, polishing it with a black cloth onstage. On the other hand, *audibly*, she outright abuses it, accompanying it with cassette tape noise augmented by a small brown amplifier. She has a reason for this, though. I asked her was it just to be cool, and she said no (though it is), it’s because it’s what she grew up with. “I didn’t grow up hearing Celtic harp music; I grew up hearing rock music, and the noise of the television set before I practiced harp in the evening.”

She just released her first CD, *Tarp[s]*. Strange title? That’s what I thought. Duh! It’s harp and tapes, like the muppets are puppets and marionettes. There’s little point in analyzing the music, though it is delicate and complex. That distracts from the reverie it puts one in, which is pastoral and dreamy, and also, even, a little psychy.”
Gordon Marshall

Performed and composed by Sophie Dickinson. Recorded in 2013 at the Whitehaus and album name by Erich Haygun. 50 copies, made by Sophie, photocopied drawing on recycled sleeves with stamped CD-R.

WFR107: The Breadth of Adam Kohl (X2DVD+CD-R)


Stretching the tradition of Foam releasing extremely long ‘best of’ albums on WFR to it’s next obvious conclusion, Foam released an ‘edition of 1’ double DVD + bonus CD-R containing almost all of his 15 year recorded output. It was sold at the local record store ‘Deep Thoughts’ to Andrew Clinkman. Artwork is photocopied pictures from Foam’s childhood photo albums.

WFR106: Huge Face (CD-R)


Huge Face is a rock band based out of the “New England Triangle” of Boston, Providence and Worcester. They have been playing together since September 2012. Their self-titled freshman EP was released digitally in February 2013 and on limited edition CD-R by the Whitehaus Family Record in Summer 2013.

Stream the album

WFR105: Anubis Pop – A t T h e A c r o p o l i s (digital)


Anubis Pop is a labor of love from songwriter Andrew Mello. Known for playing bass in his other band Streight Angular, this is Mr. Mello’s solo material. “A t T h e A c r o p o l i s” is a live compilation of Andrew playing house shows all over Boston. Cut together with banter, spontaneous songs, crowds harmonizing, and philosophy – its a beautiful collection of sounds and songs for Anubis Pop’s debut release!

There is no physical version of this record. You can listen and or download it here –

WFR104: Samolis/Pooser – The Mother’s Day album (CD-R)


Recorded on Mother’s Day 2013 at Mamashoe World Headquarters in Wendell MA, this is the first Mamashoe recording in over a decade (Matt Samolis – Flute / Jeoffrey Pooser – Bass). Recorded in real time, these live duo improvisations were recorded in a room overlooking a pond full of peepers, who can prominently be heard throughout the recording. It was such a wonderful sound that we often just sat and listened to them instead of playing. The result is a disc full of peepers, plus some acoustic free jazz as an added bonus. The session begins and ends with short episodes of Tibetan singing bowls. The duo playing is at turns sensitive and brash, subtle, and not without brief spells of abandon, building intricate structures of fleeting tonalities and extended microtonal interplay. 100 copies of frog stamped cd-rs in stamped brown sleeves.

WFR103: Lou Cohen – Duos (2XCD-R)


This is an album of improvised duos between Lou Cohen and two long time collaborators, (Lou Cohen – Wii-Mote/Laptop, Steve norton – Soprano Sax/Bass + Contra-alto Clarinet, & Matt Samolis – Flute) recorded in spring of 2013. They grew familiar with each others’ playing through extensive work with Joe Burgio’s interdisciplinary group, Bodydrama, and have pursued work together outside the group ever since. Lou’s vocabulary results from years of exploring, honing, and sampling sounds. The programs he uses he has largely written himself. There is no other experience quite like improvising in real time with Lou Cohen.

100 copies of a double CD-R in gatefold brown sleeves. Art designed by Lou Cohen.

WFR102: A Frank Hurricane Tribute Vol. 1 (tape)


Tribute cassette to the great *and still alive!* Frank Hurricane assembled by Arkm Foam in winter 2012-’13. This tape comes with amazing cuts from Happy Jawbone, Jake Merrick, Sam Gas Can, Preggy Peggy, Daniel Bachman, Johnny Young, Newton, Kristin Mendes and Jessie Heasley, Moon Climb The Wall, Erich Haygun, Illlich, Nathan Ventura, Wes Buckley, Tremarche, Joe Mygan, and Tendrills. B/W art by the holy Josh Burkette of Mystra/Mystery Train (Amherst)(etccc) , also comes with a Frank Hurricane poster by Josh.

200 copies on pro dubbed/printed cassettes out later this summer.

WFR101: Whitehaus Family Sampler #3 (CD-R / Digital)


This hot new CD-R/Download will take you through the last 30 W.F.R releases as well debut tracks from albums you should keep your eyes peeled for. Brand new unreleased tracks from Free Pizza, Michael Collins, Chris North, Scott Stapp, Knight Howls, Myrbeck/Shisko, and Con Tex! Plus jammin contemporary classics from your favorites like Arkm Foam, Gracious Calamity, Rick Berlin, The Craters, Streight Angular, Gangsta Love, Thunderheart, Pancho The Kid, and way way more. . . Help us save enough money to make our next vinyl compilation where you must form a brand new band to participate, and buy this CD / Download today. Hit us up if you’re and audiophile that just needs lossless and we’ll hook that right up, but please dine on our buffet of the highest quality mp3s for your portable playing palate. Or be a CD-R collector like me and have us mail ya one! Probably comes with surprises. . .


WFR100: Treemausers 8 (paper zine)


Back before The Whitehaus, there was The Treehaus, and all it’s inhabitants referred to themselves as ‘Treemausers’. A Zine was started with that name using the collages, poetry, drawings, inside-jokes, pictures, hoot-memorabilia, comics, how-to’s, recipes, truths/lies from inside the Treehaus. Only the first three issues were made at The Treehaus, and the next 5 were made over 6 years at The Whitehaus. All were in the form of paper photocopy zines except ‘Treemausers 7’, which is a 3-hour radio drama. ‘Treemausers 8: Never Too Late’ returns to the paper zine format with more abstract comedy than ever.

Produced by Brian S. Ellis while visiting Boston from Oregon during the week of Blastfest 6. 24 pages, Black and White. 30 copies.

WFR099: Scott Stapp – Christosterone (tape)


The freshman release from ‘Scott Stapp’, Con Tex and Frank Hurricane’s Harsh Anthemic Butt-Rock Acapella duo. On the surface these guys are taking those 90’s tunes you maybe have mixed feelings about and crunching them like their leftover beer cans with their voices, fusing verses and chorus’ with free-jazz-noise instrumentals and leaving behind a cloud of whip-it’s. But on a much deeper level a VH-1 Behind The Music-like story develops and the tale of two real people trying to convince themselves they are hard rock stars takes over their own behavior, and scares even their close friends.

Tapes copied over thrift store cassettes and packaged in a paper poster with artwork by Arkm Foam. Made for the ‘Whip-It’s and Hazing’ tour to Miami’s International Noise Conference, February 2013.


WFR097: Los Condenados / Major League (Split CD-R)


A split CD-R from TWO TOP-shredder crews known for blowing roofs off wherever they go. The Los Condenados track was recorded live @ 119 Gallery on September 14, 2012. Condenados are Andrea Pensado (voice, laptop), Jules Vasylenko (bamboozle, saxobone) and Walter Wright (touch sensitive electronics). Major League is Andy Allen (sax, tapes), Arkm Foam (tapes, feathers, etc.), Con Tex (circuit bent keys, prepared guitar), and Mark Johnson (contact mic’d anythings). They make their game-debut rookie-album a dirty spitball recorded on 4-track in Foam’s room at the Whitehaus January 2013.

CD-R released in edition of 30. 10 Green Covers, 20 Purple. w/ photocopy artwork by Arkm Foam.

WFR096: Django_R: Gone Mything (Tape)


Psychedelic guitar & drum duo featuring Con Tex (guitar, organ) and Arkm Foam (drumset, sitar-guitar) rocks epic journeys through the Whitehaus basement and into the void. Side B features Erich Haygun (mouth sounds), and was recorded in the holy hoot room. Much Love! Pure catharsis. A supplement for the religion in your life. Whatever it is that is. “Cult Favorite!”

C44 released in edition of only 7. Follow up tape to ‘Pop Rock’ in the Arkm Foam and Con Tex are roommates series.

WFR095: Farm Hands: For Serfs & Their Turf (Tape)


Two sets live at The Whitehaus, recorded a month apart, by Farm Hands: Steve Norton on assorted reeds, Arkm Foam scraping things in a wheelbarrow. Side A is recorded in June of 2012 in the holy hoot room to an unusually rambunctious crowd. Side B, recorded in July the same year, takes a more sweet and tender turn, adding counterpoint and making this tape majorly flippable.

Recorded on a digital device by Steve Norton, edits made by Arkm Foam. Released in edition of 25 cassettes with artwork and layout by Steve. C40.

WFR094: The Cups: Prize (tape)


90 releases later on the Whitehaus Family Record, The Cups finally follow up their 1st album ‘Sketchbook’ with a cassette release in an edition of only 2!!! Their 2nd release is aptly called ‘Prize’, and I can not think of a more prized tape one could have in their collection. These sleepy North-Shore born, now-Maine-livin bros, are practically retired and have kids and stuff, but are locally known as the best R&B song-crafters to ever inhabit J.P. Their musical outputs have slowed but the quality remains the highest order. Hopefully they will allow us to reissue this at some point but for now you just gotta stop by The Whitehaus and borrow the vault copy we had to purchase for $10. I wonder who bought the other one . . .

Released at Blastfest 5 in an edition of two cassettes. Artwork by Matt Ferral.

WFR093: Erich Haygun: SelfIsh (CD-R / digital)

Erich Haygun - SelfIsh

Compiled during 2011 for an international tour through the US Pacific Northwest, Canada, England and France, this is a collection of live performances by Erich Haygun at Jamaica Plain house venues, Brooklyn high schools, Occupy Boston and legendary poetry venues including the Cantab Lounge and LouderARTS in NYC. The recording of “Get Closer” (also feature the WFRFR2: Are You In Paradise?) was recorded at the Boston Poetry Slam on the night the Bruins won the Stanley Cup. You can practically hear the table and chairs rattling under Haygun’s feet.

Released as a CD-R in edition of 100 with textured spray paint, repurposed paperbacks, and stamps.

WFR092: Pancho The Kidd: Live at The Aviary Gallery (tape)


The first and long awaited solo album by Whitehaus resident and master songwriter Pancho The Kidd! Recorded live by Arkm Foam at the Aviary Gallery in Jamaica Plain on December 8th 2012. (The same night as Con Tex’s Lush Release!) A five song candlelit feast by the truest crooner the world may ever know. Featuring some older and lesser known songs and some old favorites tune in for: Save it for the Narcissist, Laid Out in the Blizzard of ’78, Relivin Livin, Communion, and At The Creek.

First edition of only 10 1-sided cassettes and sold out. Second pressing in the works! Photocopy artwork and insert by Arkm Foam.

WFR091: Con Tex: Lush (CD-R)


The most fully-realized Con Tex release to date features the legendary noisemakers of Peace, Loving as the dream team backing band. Recorded in the Whitehaus Hoot Room in April 2012 and released the following December, the lush flow of psychedelic rock, country, and soul that gives the record its name masks an experimental undercurrent that rises above the surface at the most necessary moments just when you need it to carry you through the rapids. Lush follows a progression from a place of existential confusion in “Little Boy Lost” to a final hard-won self-affirmation in the closing “Down In Denver”, bringing the listener along on a psychedelic ride through the subconscious that engages all ends of the emotional, psychological, and spiritual spectrums. All in just five tracks!

Released on CD-R in chipboard sleeve. In an edition of 50, with art by Whitehauser Ronnie Nordac!

WFR090: Frank Hurricane: Muzzzak (CD-R)


Recorded by the legendary nomad Frank Hurricane in the basement of the Whitehaus in November 2012. Featuring mostly keyboard and keyboard percussion instrumentals reminiscent of tracks like ‘Funky Pymp #1 and #2’ on the first release dawning the ‘Frank Hurricane’ name, ‘Holy Maspeth Nyghtz’. Of special mention is a 12min organ droner with Frank channeling deep vibes and wailing the phrase ‘I Love You So Much’ over and over. Crucial album in the Hurricane series, very special to have it on The Whitehaus Family Record.

Edition of 40 CD-R’s with photocopy paper covers drawn and designed by Frank.

WFR089: Arkm Foam: The Foam Doesn’t Fall Far From The Shore (tape)


Latest album by Arkm Foam. The Long awaited full length follow up to ‘ARKMF’ (WFR-016). Some tracks include jams with Andy Allen (saxophone) and Morgan Shaker (guitar). A deeper exploration in cassette scrubbing, but stay on your toes cause there’s genre hopping to be done all the way down this winding river.

1 sided cassette mailed with instructions for the receiver to record anything, for any amount of time, anywhere on the ‘blank side’ and then mail/pass the cassette to the next participant. edition of 30 in large manila envelope with a 8.5×11 directions/record log sheet.

WFR088: Hot Company – Three’s Company (Tape)


A ménage à trois of musical merriment from Whitehaus DJs Lenny, Jimmy, and Pancho takes the listener on a funky ride through the record collection of dreams. Equal parts club dance jammer and bedroom mixtape journey, the Three’s Conpany mixtape features choice cuts from all the finest old-school funk & soul sirloins. It’s the mixtape your cool friend made for you that turned into the soundtrack for all your favorite memories you didn’t even know about yet.

C45 in cool printed cardboard case in edition of approx 12.

WFR087: Pop Rock: 10/27/12 (Tape)


Arkm Foam and Con-Tex became roommates at The Whitehaus in fall of 2012 and made this duo recording under the name ‘Pop Rock’. A cassette featuring two long-form unedited 4-track jams on a C30. Con-Tex using sound effects, & circuit bent keyboards; Foam performing an alarm clock radio & effected cassettes. Gut-busted electronic slabs, farting pitch-wavering tapes, radio statics and unpopular melodies, chopped sound-effects popped and cheezed beets delight your senses and tingle your toe cells.

Edition of only 7! Made from discarded Kal Marks tapes found at the Whitehaus. Each cover is a different collage. Ask for a repressing.

WFR086: BANG! BROS.: Hard Rocks Vols. 1-9 (3xCD-R)


A triple CD comprised of the first nine Bang! Bros. albums recorded during the summer and fall of 2012. Bang! Bros. are Arkm Foam and Mark Johnson performing under their techno pseudonyms “Thom Simon” and “Ed Roland”. This harsh-free jazz+noise duo literally bang their table of 90’s drum machines and effects pounding the buttons of the machines creating clouds of textures from the futures of the past.

Edition of 33 Triple CDr’s using taped together single chipboard sleeves. Pictures, info, and track listings as pasted photocopy inserts. Tied together with blue twine.

WFR085: Libras Of Sound (Tape)


Libras of Sound are long-time Hausers and Peace, Loving buddies Greg Sun and Arkm Foam joining together for acoustic free-sound percussive play. This tape was recorded over a weekend of jams in Foam’s room late summer 2012. Distorted, effected feedback and pickup bouncing, micro sound bell and hand drum jams, peaceful offerings, and folk flavorings, unafraid showings of nautical roots.

Edition of 5 so far, but find Foam and he might dub you copy. Ripped paper bag covers with sharpied labels and handwritten pencil insert.

WFR084: Gracious Calamity: Live in America (Tape / CD-R / Digital)

Gracious Calamity - Live in America (CD-R)

Gracious Calamity tape compiled / chopped / screwed from live recordings from 2009-2012. Assembled for Summer 2012 tour w/ Murderboats. All The Hits!!! Maybe you were there too? The Pearl in Pittsburg? Handsome John’s Roadside Saloon in Nevada City? The Whitehaus in JP? All across this great land we <3 <3 <3 Released as a tape (edition of 60) and CD-R (edition of 100) with artwork designed and printed by Gracious Calamity. Stream / Download at

WFR083: Con Tex / Dinners: Magik Meal (Tape / Digital)


A complimentary collection from the forces of the Whitehaus third floor come together for a tape to celebrate their Summer 2012 Magic Meal Tour. Con Tex explores the outer limits of the inner cosmos through the medium of understated songwriting experiments on Nu Magik, while Dinners’ 10-Course Meal is a longform experiment in the scientific possibilities of sound divided into smaller snacks to satisfy your audiodietary needs.

Released on cassette with artwork designed by Dinners and Con Tex and screenprinted by Jess Robinson. (Edition of 50)

Stream / Download Con Tex’s side on Bandcamp
Stream / Download Dinners’ side on Soundcloud

WFR082: Chris North: Near Far All We Are (10″ Vinyl)


Chris North’s Near Fall All We Are features lush recordings by the Chris North band and remixes by Many Mansions and Animal Hospital. The songs are dreamy cross-continental meditations on distance and love with Chris’ trademark earnest hopefulness providing the guiding light through the hazy, expansive landscape of sound he’s created. The remixes add an inner focus that lets the listener explore the levels of subconscious depth expressed in the songs. A truly comprehensive listening experience!

Released in edition of 100 on 10″ Vinyl Record with artwork by Chris North.

Stream / Download now:


WFR081: Rick Berlin w/ the Nickel and Dime Band – Always On Insane (CD-R)


Rick Berlin’s 15th release, “Always On Insane,” is a rock and roll album in the tradition and spirit of J. Geil’s “Sanctuary,” David Bowie’s “Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders from Mars,” Dr. Dog’s “Easy Beat,” Bruce Springsteen’s “The River,” and The Rolling Stones’ “Exile on Main Street.”

With The Nickel and Dime Band, Boston’s best live karaoke band, Rick recorded “Always On Insane” at Dimension Sound in Jamaica Plain in Boston, Massachusetts. Instruments included three guitars, bass, keys, kit, sax, trombone. The band members are Jesse Adams-Lukowsky, Tom Appleman, Sam Dudley (Berlin’s nephew), Dino Govoni, Ricky Mclean, Rob Manochio, and Al Radzikowski. They’re a kick ass, upbeat, funny, danceable, deep, crazy and total pro buncha musicians.

Released on CD with artwork designed by the band.

Stream / Download at

WFR080: The Craters – Velcro (Digital)


The Craters started as an AOL chatroom sleepover on Valentine’s day, maturing comfortably into OCD crisis. Known mostly for the Allston prime’s post-prod. post-90’s mac mic guitar rawk. Since crossing the highway to JP it’s all sunburnt synth collage level-bending beat-breaking ambience. Guaranteed: boy band hooks + headphone candy, short tracks, high density per second content made for airheads by airheads.

Released digitally via

Stream / Download at

WFR079: Crowley Ladin / Arkm Foam (split tape)


Cool split tape before the bros started bangin. Crowley Ladin’s unedited improv of macro-amplified room sound and vocal mumblings titled ‘Sunglassed w/ Josh Rymp’ recorded in the Whitehaus 10th bedroom. Paired with Arkm Foam’s aptly titled collection, ‘What I’ve Been Working on; Winter 2012″, experiments with frequencies generated from electro-acoustic instruments.

Edition of roughly 25. Collaborative collaged photocopy cover art. Recycled Tapes.

WFR077: WFRFRvol2 : Are You In Paradise? (LP)

Are You In Paradise? LP

I can no longer prolong the greatest moment of my life. I cannot afford to be afraid of the long silence. Of the after after. The people that populate my bedroom have become too real. My option is every door, every sun and mountain of night. Our options are in people. Honest voices are doors. I have stopped trying to control the narrative. To prescribe the reality of self. Not sleep until ending. Not sleep until climax. I am awake now. I am awake now. I will stop trying to wake up and I will walk out the door and I will see in a way that listens. This moment will be a kingdom of yes simply in the naming. It was always a choice. It was always a way of seeing. I am in Paradise.

Released on 12″ Vinyl LP with artwork by Lenora Symczak (front cover) and Morgan Shaker (back cover). 500 copies were pressed.

Stream / Download on

WFR074: Thunderheart – underbilly (CD-R)

Thunderheart - underbilly

This ocean, bubbles with great tune after great tune from New York’s Wes Buckley aka Dick Heaven aka “Wes” from “Jan Morrison”. Whitehaus Family Record was very pleased to add this record to the cadre from one of the house’s favorite songwriting buddies.

Released on CD-R in chipboard sleeve with handcut Thunderheart Playing Card. CDs were stamped with the band name and album name. Approximately 75 copies were pressed.

Stream / Download at

WFR073: Gangsta Love – Spiritual THANGZ (digital)


Frank Hurricane’s first voyage into recording hip-hop + R&B. Using hand-punched keyboard drums, a loop pedal, some magic contrapuntal gangsta piano, and the same soulful crooning Frank’s always been known for, Frank made an album that is up there with the best of the genre with the best messages the world has ever heard. Save your soul and listen to the holy truth.

Released digitally via and a limited cassette run on Arkm Foam’s bootleg label ‘High Quality Dubs’ (edition of 20).

Stream / Download on Bandcamp

WFR072: Erich Haygun – Elsewise (CD-R / digital)


This entire collection of songs was produced, written and recorded in hotel rooms across the United States while Haygun was on tour with basketball’s losingest team, The Washington Generals. The music for each track represents one night in a given hotel room, with the entire process of sound creation, sequencing and recording live to 2-track being completed in a single session. Haygun then pieced together lyrics for each of those clips from the constant swirl of land and time coming through the bus window. “You don’t have to stay here, but you can’t go home

The original release of this CD-R included a limited edition of hotel room key cards, hand-labeled during Haygun’s tour with The Trotters and The Generals. Edition of approx 100.

Listen to this album on Soundcloud

WFR070: Michael Collins – Violet Flame (tape / digital)


Solo release by Michael Collins (ex-Prince Rama). A sonic sea of psychedelic sequencers and synths provides the internal landscape for the cathartic pathos of Michael’s crooning vocals. A divinely inspired recording that never misses a beat, with the coolest tape packaging of all time.

Released on casette tape with violet themed artwork by Michael Collins. Dried lavender was included in the tape case.

Stream / Download the album at

WFR069: Con Tex – Everything in Con Tex (tape / CD-R / digital)


The first Con Tex release is a collection of lost & found fuzzy folk recorded in the faraway garages of Oswego, NY in the summer of 2010 and released in Boston in the fall of 2012. There are songs about capitalism, a song about the artistic process disguised as a parable about trash, and enough cosmic insight to fill a short novel.

Released originally on cassette in an edition of 25. Later released digitally and on CD-R in an edition of 25.

Stream / Download the album at

WFR068: Treemausers 7: Radio Heaven. Now’s Hour’s with Musical Guest Peace, Loving (radio / digital / 3xtape)


‘Treemausers 7: Radio Heaven’ is a 3 hour nonstop live Peace, Loving variety show performance that aired as part of the ‘Now’s Ours’ program on WZBC. It features skits, PSAs, interviews, live performances, and lots of sound.

Originally released digitally via, later released as a triple casette with artwork by Kate Lee

Stream / Download the album at

WFR067: Wolf Woolf’s Bandcamp (digital)


Kit Wallach would prefer it if gender were a thing you folded up and put away.

Frankie Greenwood is a tall and flighty man, sometimes-drag-queen, who lives down the street from you. He falls in love easily, resting comfortably in the imagination. He is a construction. So are we all. May we all be so fierce and so patient.

>>> Stream and Download at <<<

WFR066: Three French Hens Live at Whitehaus (digital)


3 French Hens return from a field trip to Hooksett, NH visit to the White Birch Brewery, and host a beer tasting, featuring live improvisations in response to each of three beers: Hooksett Ale, White Birch Dubbell, White Birch Tripel
released 19 May 2011
Matt Samolis, flute
Steve Norton, reeds + percussion
Adam Foam, portable cassette devices and other avenues of manipulation
Special guest: Brian Ellis, poetry/text/ voice/tapes

Released digitally via Bandcamp.

Stream / Download the album at

WFR065: Gracious Calamity: Carefree Since ’83 (CD-R / digital)


Carefree Since ’83 is primarily about weather: an almanac of the human body as it absorbs, withstands, and opens to sea breezes, thunderstorms, heat, water, spring. Recorded to 2-inch tape in the coastal town of Weymouth, Massachusetts, the album crackles with glass, mosquitoes, voices of birds, voices of friends, wind-chimes, an old ship-to-shore radio microphone.

Released on CD-R in sewn fabric sleeves printed with artwork by Emilie Selden. Inside the fabric sleeve are chipboard sleeves designed and screenprinted by Gracious Calamity. In early pressings the CDs were printed with a boat image and the name of the band, later pressings were stamped with the name of the band.

Stream / Download the album at

WFR064: Peace, Loving: Live on WZBC (CD-R)


Recorded live on 90.3 WZBC 1/17/11 during a three hour peace, loving performance marathon (later released in full as ‘Treemausers 7: Radio Heaven.’ Performing are Kate Lee, Morgan Shaker and Arkm Foam. Mixed by Arkm Foam. Mastered by Shane Myrbeck.

Released on CD-R in chipboard sleeve with yellow paint and glued on googly eyes.

WFR060: The Analog/Digital Debate (CD-R)


This is Haygun’s debut album on the Whitehaus Family Record, released in Summer of 2009. It is entirely self-produced except for the beat for “1994” which was made by Jimmy Doorlocks. It was originally titled “Some Rap Songs and One Folk Song,” which is a blatantly accurate description. It has an inordinate volume of samples of Tom Cruise talking about Scientology/ masculinity. It also includes the studio version of Haygun’s popular poem “The Sound Guy’s Revenge.” All music was produced exclusively on an MPC 1000.

Released on CD-R in edition of 100.
Stream / Download the album for free at Bandcamp.

WFR059: Brian S Ellis: No Hay Banda (CD-R)


Recordings of Brian’s poems including Descent, Pts. 1 & 2, Self Portrait, Ball, Mugwort, the Janitor Poem and Many Mansions.

Released on CD-R in chipboard sleeve with photocopied artwork by Brian S. Ellis.

WFR058: avi jacob: 1000 (CD-R)


Full rock band recording of Avi’s songs recorded in the hoot room in January 2010. Features Avi on electric guitar on vocals, Joe Deignan on bass, Kate Lee on organ, and Greg Beson on drums. Rough and ready. Dirty.

Released on CDR in chipboard sleeve. Cover art drawing by Lenora Symczak, layout and screenprinted by Kate Lee.

WFR057: Shai Erlichman: Season of Increasing Light (CD-R)


This EP was recorded in the hoot room on the first day of 2010. With this music as a guide, begin a journey as warm as the hum of radiators, skin on pillowcases, rapid eyelash movement, and collected twigs for later fires.

Released on CDR in chipboard sleeve with crayon art and handwritten tracklist and album notes by Shai Erlichman.

WFR056: Peace, Loving: Six Kinds of Mystery at the edge of beach forest; terrible fishgut magic (CD-R)

Peace, Loving - Six Kinds of Mystery at the Edge of Beach Forest; Terrible Fishgut Magic

Recorded in the middle of the night in Horaflora‘s attic. The first track is a binaural (through Horaflora’s head) recording of the set that Peace, Loving played on their 2010 Diggers of the Sea Tour. The second track is a collaboration between Horaflora and atomfoam.

First pressing was released on CD-R in black & white photocopied folded paper sleeve.
Second pressing was released on CD-R in b&w photocopied on color folded paper sleeve. The second pressing had an edited version of the Peace, Loving tour set.

WFR054/WFRV 001: Whitehaus Family Record Family Record (2XLP)


A double vinyl LP compilation of tracks from 26 artists associated with the Whitehaus in Jamaica Plain.

that summer you moved quickly. there was no time after work to go home before the show so you pack those boots in your bag in the morning when you left the new apartment, made a call during a cigarette break and scribbled an address, a part of town you don’t know but go alone anyway, all the streets look the same but you find it, from the outside it looks like no one’s home and at the bottom of the dark stairs you panic. you almost turn and run but you don’t and the door opens for your knock and there’s a smiling face on the other side…

seasons become other seasons and yet again and again, when you go shopping at the local grocer you know the cashier and tell the sweet boy how well he sang last night, you are location now, faces have become friends, friends become roommates, and front doors become memories. And there’s the stoop where you broke up with that guy from Brattleboro, there’s the porch where Austin taught you to juggle, there’s the parking lot where everybody plays communist soccer in the spring…

now under your skin a record is written of the electric stutterspit heartbeat of a place, made of movement and songs, made of history and fiction, and yes, it was written by everyone. Yes, the people all of them that live inside and outside and outside, you look like a giant. Better than Mount Rushmore. More like the river, standing to its feet, Yes, you can hear it. Can’t you hear it? The Sun is applauding… (Brian Stephen Ellis)

Stream / Download the album at Bandcamp.Com

WFR053: Brian S. Ellis: Blabberheart (CD-R)


Recordings of Brian’s poetry! Featuring Turkey Shoot, Falling off my bicycle, Caesarian, Criminal, Untitled #2, Untitled #3, and Untitled #4!

Released on CD-R in chipboard sleeve with photocopied artwork by Brian S. Ellis.

WFR052: Greg Mullen: The Hungry Ocean (LP / CD-R)


The highly desired and long awaited full length album by Greg Mullen of his songs. Recorded by Max Raphael and mastered by Brian Charles at Zippah Recording in Boston. Released 26 March 2010. Featuring Colin Dinnie on Electric and Upright Bass, John Hansard on Trumpet, Electric Guitar and Singing, Adam Ryan Kohl Mccarthy Foam on Drums, Kate Lee on Piano, Organ and Singing, and Greg Mullen on Guitar, Harmonica, Piano, Toy Piano, Singing. Pictures by Briana Horrigan. Buy the 12? LP here: GO GET IT

Released on LP with printed artwork by Briana Horrigan, and on CD-R with blue inked stamp adapted from Briana’s artwork by Greg Mullen.

Stream / Download the album at

WFR051: Brian S. Ellis: I Will Banish Luck (CD-R)


Recordings of Brian S. Ellis’ poetry.

Released on CD-R in chipboard sleeve. First edition had paint splatter and photocopied artwork by Brian S. Ellis. Second edition had no paint splatter and included a photocopied B&W photograph.

WFR050: Manners: Look Into Look Unto (CD-R)


Released on CD-R in white cardboard sleeve with letterpressed artwork by Greg Sun. Also released as a 7″ with letterpress / color printed artwork on Grinding Tapes / Sun of Bees

WFR048: Gracious Calamity: Becky’s on Vacation (CD-R)


A collection of studio, live, and home recordings by Gracious Calamity. Compiled for their summer 2009 tour with Tiny Tornadoes. All the hits! 100(ish) handmade copies exist.

Released on CD-R in chipboard sleeve with artwork designed and screenprinted by Gracious Calamity.

WFR047: Casey Rocheteau: Chiaroscuro (Tape / CD-R)

Casey Rocheteau - Chiaroscuro (CD-R)

Chiaroscuro is a dreamscape Casey built out of words, beats, and the Shangri-las. She assembled it in the late night, in the dark, surrounded by bird’s nests and watching all the things in her mind spinning and moving. 10 copies dubbed in June 2009. Super Rare.

Released as a CD-R in chipboard sleeve and casette tape with photocopied drawings by Lenora Symczak.

WFR045: Blast of atomfoam (CD-R)


have you ever woken up to the smell of a smoking gun? have you ever laughed in the face some of somebody laughing at you? be not supervised while listening. take the risk into your own hands. be somebody or be somebody’s fool. if you’re not now, you never were. “the past and the future are really not all that different.” – brian s. ellis (kind of like kerouac)

WFR044: Greg Sun / Chris North – Two Voices at the End of Winter (CD-R)


Grab a cup of mead, some energy crystals and huddle up next to your favorite goat for this festival of somber merriment. Two Voices is the finest coalescence of astral rock and renaissance folk by two modern day bards, Greg Sun (Manners) and Chris North (The Points North). This poppy lo-fi carousel weaves acoustic guitars through a meadow of instruments including flute, accordion, violin and cello, wrapping it all up nicely with magnetic tape at varying speeds.

Released on CD-R in chipboard sleeves with artwork by Greg Sun and Lenora Symczak

Stream / Download Chris North’s side at Bandcamp

WFR043: Greg Sun / atomfoam – Crops (tape)


Crops is a recycling bin that splices together bits of music, spoken word, poetry from Brian S. Ellis and songs of Manners and Atomfoam. Sometimes tense and cacophonous, other times sparse and symphonious, this tape was made to be listened to with headphones – so grab your walkman and go.

Released on cassette tape with artwork by Greg Sun

WFR041: Anna Fox Rochinski – s/t (CD-R)


Anna is a Boston-area native who enjoys singing to the top of the stratosphere and writing songs on the guitar, ukulele, banjo, piano, and whatever weird or broken instruments she finds in the attic or gutter. She has both lived at the Whitehaus and been an active jammer on the scene and I suggest you peep this rare solo release from the front-woman of QUILT!

Released on CD-R in chipboard sleeves with color photocopy collage artwork by Anna.

WFR040: April Ranger: Like Canvas (CD-R)


April Ranger has the entire Boston poetry scene under her spell with her blend of literate, heartfelt, and oftentimes hilarious writing. In the words of Steve Subrizi: “She really knows when to stomp the distortion petal and when to go acoustic and let the words do the work.” April is a long time Jamaica Plain resident and we are very proud to have this collection of her spoken word poetry on The Whitehaus Family Record! Get ready to have fun!

Released on CD-R in chipboard sleeve with photocopied artwork by Brian S. Ellis and April Ranger in edition of less than 50. CD-R signed by April.

WFR039: Brian S. Ellis: I Wake Up EP (CD-R)


“I WAKE UP!” you’ve heard it a million times, or maybe never once yet! Get the blast from Whitehaus founding member and spastic slam poet Brian Stephen Ellis on his second Whitehaus CD-R release. Includes selections from Brian’s previous release (WFR016) such as Elegy For The Cassette Tape, Saturn’s Promises, Empty Parking Lots, Eleven to Seven, and 95. But also contains new recordings such as Shh, Open Letter to Boy’s Who Think That They’re Bigger Than Me, Falling off My Bicycle, The Janitor Poem, W E T, and a newer Self-Portrait. Bon Apetite! None of Brian’s albums are to be missed! How wonderful to hear that craggly neck bark like it’s coming out of the doghouse behind rattling chain link!

Released on CD-R in chipboard sleeves with sharpie + typewriter artwork by Brian S. Ellis.

WFR038: Peace, Loving: LIVE (CD-R)


Peace, Loving crams this CD-R full. At least depending on what version you got. Most likely contains all the tracks from previous Peace, Loving releases (WFR028 + WFR029), and a whole lot more. A good lo-fi flavor of the early Peace, Loving years. 2008 members include Arkm Foam, Morgan Shaker, Brian S. Ellis, and Greg Sun. But disc also includes recordings from early 2009 where the band added Casey Rocheteau, Shane Donnelly, Sam Potrykus, Josh Caswell, and Evan Foudray. Recordings from Toronto’s Tranzac, Bard College, Whitehaus, Points North Kitchen, PA’s Lounge and lots more.

Released as a CD-R with different versions totaling less than 100 made.

WFR037: The WinterCamp Sampler ReRelease (CD-R)


Before Greg Sun lived at the Whitehaus, he lived at Wintercamp and hosted shows there. Read about it in the Boston Globe! The residents of Wintercamp released this sampler that was re-released on the Whitehaus Family Record in 2009. It features tracks by Manners, Pam + Kellzo, Ppallm, Omnivore, The Glow, and cool sound bites of insane Wintercamp fun! This is a beautiful compilation with great flow, many cool early tracks by artists still pumpin! 🙂 🙂

Released on CD-R in chipboard sleeve with color photocopied art by Greg Sun

Stream / Download the album for free at

WFR036: Prince Rama of Ayodhya: Threshold Dances (CD-R)


The influence of Prince Rama of Ayodhya stretches far and wide, curls around you, and brings you back to the present. In the sonic arms of Taraka, Michael, and Nimai, you are safe in the humanity of your existence, and you can travel with them to other dimensions with the coyotes and jingle-jangles.

Released on CD-R in screenprinted manila envelopes with artwork designed and printed by Prince Rama of Ayodhya.

Stream / Download the album at

WFR035: Morgan Shaker: I Can See For Miles (CD-R)

Morgan Shaker - I Can See For Miles

You are falling down a dark corridor until you land with a puff in a bank of pure crystalline snow. Clutching your ice dagger and navigating with the warmth of your heart you set out on a hazy mystical journey to the cave of the Ice Queen, with destiny on your side and only the owls to protect you

This addition to the WFR recording catalogue should please all who are looking for an experimental fantasy in to the dark and mystical world of snow-fi. Clocking in at twenty seven minutes, this album was constructed with the use of tapes, a keyboard, a sampler, and electricity.

Released on CD-R with artwork designed by Morgan Shaker. Some copies had jewels affixed to the artwork.

Stream / Download this album for free at

WFR034: Many Mansions: Return to Source! (CD-R / tape)

Many Mansions - Return to Source!

The latest album from Many Mansions is dance oriented, blending the repetitiveness of trance, the feel-good vibrations of tropicalia and the mind-beinding aspects of psychedelia. Recorded in a shrimpin studio at Mass Art College by Asteroid M’s Brendan. You can hear it for free at Asteroid M Project – physical copies sold out for now.

Original CD-R pressings had psychedelic bubble image on the front. A cassette tape also came out with this artwork. Later pressings had artwork designed and screenprinted by Many Mansions

Stream / Download the album for free at

WFR033: Manners – Wintour EP (CD-R)


A limited edition EP compiled for December 2008’s Whitehaus Family Wintour. The opening songs crackle cavernously and drip with loitering melodies, sounding both massive and minimal. They affect one with all the dazzling captivation of fire without the burn or pain. The meditations that follow are earthen patterns sounding out in tireless reiteration, disguised as the lulling caress of silence. These noises fill headphones like the sway of trees or a popping campfire.

Released on CD-R in chipboard sleeve with artwork by Greg Sun.

Stream / Download the album for free at

WFR032: Morgan Shaker: Voila, Spelt Wheat Plus Zephyr (CD-R)


This classic Morgan Shaker record was pressed as a limited series of < 10 that were lovingly distributed throughout New England during Whitehaus Wintour 2008. If you have one, you were there. To all M-Shakes heads: Dig Deep for this one, maybe the most rare of them all. Darkness EP plus 5 other tunes that will sure delight. Released on CD-R in chipboard sleeve with neon artwork by Morgan Shaker. Contains the entire 5 tracks of Darkness EP with 5 additional track recorded between 1996 and 2008. Stream / Download the album for free at

WFR031: Gracious Calamity: Rabbit Rabbit EP (CD-R)


Rabbit Rabbit is a homemade confection blooming with giddiness. This five song EP is composed of various recordings from bedrooms in the Whitehaus and one track live from the Advent Church Library in Beacon Hill. Kate Lee and Kit Wallach’s complementary vocals reverberate with strength and dignity, joining a chorus of benevolent guitar, bobbling ukulele and ringing xylophone. These simple euphonies give one a fuzzy feeling that matches the fuzz of the homespun lo-fi recordings.

Released on CD-R in chipboard sleeve with bunny artwork designed by Kate Lee.

Stream / Download the album for free on

WFR030: The Whitehaus Family Sampler, Vol. 2 (CD-R)


Hang on to your sled for this sampler compiled for Wintour 2008. You start at the first classic-rock chords of Morgan Shaker’s “SCILA,” slip and swerve through Many Mansions’ “Big White House,” Gracious Calamity’s “Song That Grows Like A Vine,” stop for a drink of water at the Meadowlarks’ “First Person Omniscient,” float away into interdimensional space with Casey Rocheteau on “Beings of Sound,” and land on your feet face to face with Shira E. for “Mouth Jam.” It’s a trip, it’s a treasure. Feel the sound.

Released on CD-R in chipboard sleeve. Two versions were released with different artwork. First pressing featured a tree-stump and leaves images designed by Greg Sun in concert with the poster for the New England Wintour, the first Whitehaus group tour. The second pressing featured a color photo of the Unfreakable printed by Michael Collins.

Stream / Download the album for free at

WFR029: Peace, Loving: Live ’08 (tape)


The four tracks from Peace, Loving’s previous CD-R release ‘The Shape of Jazz to Come’ (WFR028) plus 2 bonus tracks: the Brian S. Ellis driven ’94 Ford Taurus’ and ‘Touronto’ tracks collaged from live recordings from on tour in Toronto, ON. All tracks recorded live in 2008 at: First Church Jamaica Plain, Mass Art Squash Courts, The Points North Kitchen, and Tranzac Club Toronto. Collaged together on a 4-track by Arkm Foam.

C30 with water colored covers. Edition of 30. Sold on ‘The Diggers of The Sea’ cross-country tour.

WFR028: Peace, Loving: The Shape of Jazz to Come (CD-R)


Collage recordings of Peace, Loving’s first live performances. Tracks include the Brian Ellis poem ‘Decade’, Arkm’s anthemic ‘Untitled Banjo’, the very first ‘Chimax’, and the Morgan Shaker original ‘Build a Bomb’. Recordings sourced from holy locations such as the First Church in Jamaica Plain, The Points North Kitchen in Roslindale, and the Mass Art Squash Courts.

Released as a CD-R in chipboard sleeve with ripped up computer print outs of Ornette Coleman’s ‘Shape of Jazz To Come’, and a photograph of apartment art. Edition of 12.

WFR027: Casey Rocheteau: Pump Your Concrete (Oh Word the Album) (CD-R)


An adventure through time, spa c e, and sound. Poetry, tape collage, jams from a saloon in the 1800s, knowledge, facts, mystique. All straight to your mind from the mouth of the newest new American poet. Oh word. Casey will teach you lessons, make you think more than twice, and have you listening over and over again salivating over poetic tidbits and humor driven stories of war with love. Plus a buncha funky reggae tracks starring in-haus groovers and noisers. This album is chock full, busting at the seams, and worth spending a life time with.

Released on CD-R in chipboard sleeve with color copied artwork by Gianna Rodriguez. Some Black and White copies exist as well. Approx 100 total released.

Stream / Download the album at

WFR026: The Woodrow Wilsons: According to the Seasonal Tilt of the Earth (CD-R)


A lovely masterpiece of sound and song by the premier yes-wave jammers. Hear your favorite smart-rock ‘Dros jams plus surprises abound. Awesome fidelity shifting, lush orchestration, and top quality songwriting/performance all found here. Sink into velvety vocals, then spin away on the tails of burning ukelele solos. ‘Dog Song’, ‘Night From Leavin’, ‘Airport Song’, ‘Stone’, ‘13.7 Billion Years’, ‘Bad Chemicals’, ‘Like a Ball Bearing’, ‘New Year’, and more! Everything is perfect. Permanently mount this in your discman and be anywhere. Yes.

First edition released with color screenprinted artwork by the Woodrow Wilsons, Second edition black and white stamp image. Approx 100 in total?

Stream / Download the album for free at

WFR025: Truman Peyote: Catalog 1/14-5/12 (CD-R)

Truman Peyote - Catalog

Thumpin beats and dizzying electronic samples by Boston’s youthful electronics trio, when they were still any of those things. But TP is still the hardest working-out group in show business, and this albums got sophistication written all over it. Well crafted club bumpers and electricity storms soak right through to your skin and you never want to dry off. Truly original music. Keep this on rotation, hope you got one, ’cause Truman Peyote will without a doubt be in the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame before you blink. First of three Truman albums to be released on Whitehaus Family Record. We love these guys!

Released on CD-R with photocopied artwork by Truman Peyote. CDs were spray painted in psychedelic array. Edition of approx 50.

Stream / Download the album for free at

WFR024: atomfoam: best of atomfoam/ARKMF (CD-R)


A double disc containing a rerelease of Foam’s first Whitehaus album ‘ARKMF’ (WFR015), as well as a bonus disc comprised of a ‘best of’ Foam’s home recordings over the past 10 years. Best of bonus disc contains: Uncle Ball Bearings, Sniff Funny in 3 Movements, Honk on the Drum, Music for Sonic Mobile, Guitar Quartet, Beetles of Noise, City Life, Microcassette Tape, and other 4-track tidbits. Wacky music for people who really need it, made by people who really are it.

First edition has photo copy covers of things from Foam’s desk drawer (edition of 30). Second edition has covers hand stamp-collaged by Arkm Foam (edition of 50). Both appear as a double CD-R in gatefold chipboard sleeves.

WFR023: Kate Lee and the Opposites Attract: Whatever Whatever (tape / CD-R)


The first and only solo album to date by the talented Kate Lee (of Gracious Calamity, Life Adventure, Peace,Loving, and many more!). Whatever Whatever is a visual collage of sound waves. It was born in the center of a mound of dough, kneaded into form by knuckles and elbows. Risen by the sun, baked by the sun. The smell is of yeast happily gobbling the sugars around itself. The sound is of gliadin and glutenin dancing their magic dance and assembling themselves orderly into graphs. but don’t take my word for it,

First edition tapes were released in a series of 5 with handmade collage artwork by Kate Lee. Second edition tapes were released in jean fabric cases with screenprinted virus art by Kate Lee. CDRs were released in chipboard sleeve with virus artwork by Kate Lee watercolored by Kate + others

Stream / Download the album for free at



The first Whitehaus Family Showcase happened on March 21, 2008 at the Cambridge YMCA Theater! Sound engineered and recorded by Shane Myrbeck. Performers include: Brian S. Ellis, We’re in Towne, Stephanie Berry, Jacob Mashak, Avi Jacob, Piddly Kids, Kettle Stitches, Uncle Shoe, The Woodrow Wilsons, The Good Party, Peace,Loving, Manners, Casey Rocheteau, Prince Rama of Ayodyha, Lindsay Clark, The Live Adventure, Many Mansions / Baixia, and The Bright Hearts Brigade. Multiple tracks from each artist!

Released as a two-disc CD-R in gatefold chipboard sleeves. Artwork designed and screenprinted by Greta Merrick. Artwork was adapted from the Blastfest concert poster designed and printed by Greta Merrick. Insert designed by Greta Merrick.

Stream / Download Disc 1 at
Stream / Download Disc 2 at

WFR021: Avi Jacob: Frolic-a-holic (CD-R)


Avi Jacob’s idiosyncratic folk/gospel-roots stylings are undeniably charming. This album was recorded in an empty church and you can def’ hear the penance and redemption of souls all around you. Avi came to the Whitehaus via his incredible performances at the hoots and is now and will always be a close Whitehaus family brother! Relocated down to Charleston, SC and still sonically thriving. We sugggest seeking out his incredibly soulful live performances. It’s hard to not laugh and cry along with Avi’s biting lyrics and stories.

Released on CD-R in chipboard sleeve with photocopied artwork by Morgan Shaker. Original pressing had graphic with hungry ants printed on the CD. Later pressings were stamped or hand written. Edition of approx 50.

Stream / Download the Album for free at

WFR020: Kettle Stitches: Put Out the Lights and Cry (CD-R)


In-haus sound engineer Shane Myrbeck (Cape Cod) and resident avant-composition wizard Emily Shisko (Long Beach, CA) teamed up to create this country-pop gem. A new-new classic for a great-great deal! Pop, rock, and civil war history stands on it’s head and undergoes aggressive poking and prodding from two extremely talented and innovative composers. This album will make you laugh, cry, and your head’s gonna fall off and you’re gonna wanna know more about the world than you can understand. Amazing quality recordings and vast sonic textures / orchestrations make this a must listen!

Released on CD-R in chipboard sleeve with photocopied artwork by Matt Ferrel. Giant fold out color poster with lyrics and info! Very Cool! Edition of approx 100.

Stream / Download the album for free at

WFR019: Many Mansions: The Dream is Changing EP (CD-R)


Blissed out dreamscapes for those of us with a head full of clouds. Many Mansions will take you to that safe place you’ve felt but cannot name. yldneirfytnewtrouf. Sticks on Sticks, chimpmunk munching tape jams, seeking holy ascension through fruit juice, meditative dronescapes as a way of life. Staying Funky. Dance keeps you healthy.

Released on CD-R in chipboard sleeve with photocopied artwork by Many Mansions. Edition of approx 50.

Stream / Download the album for free at

WFR018: Oh, Oh, Mints!: The Oh, Oh, Mixx Tape (CD-R)


Early Craighead, Craighead. Primitive Peace, Loving. Before the Great Whales moaned. Like watching The Cosby’s with a buffalo chix sandwich and a ginger beer, getting cozy in your parents basement. Don’t b l8 4 practice! C U @ D-Loo’s basemint! Catch the magic momints, feel the flavor-wave vibe, way before raspberry crossing, When Debbie was just Joey. sckronky sax, creamy clarinet. The rock band of your high school dreams. Originally released in 2000 on cassette and hawked on cape cod, when kids were still kids. (a reissue of Arkm Foam, Matt Kenely’s, + Debbie’s high school band’s tape)

Released on CD-R in chipboard sleeve with original Oh, Oh, Mints! Artwork photocopied from original tape.

Stream / Download the album for free at

WFR017: Morgan Shaker: Blaste’ (CD-R)


A “best of” conglamorate of many hard-to-find Shaker releases. Soulful folk jams, country rehashings, cassette crunching concrete, and lots of good humor from Whitehaus holy-man. Very Listenable, Eminently Spinnable! Voted the best record to take back to your 2nd apartment. Tunes include but not limited to: Fruit Salad (reprise), Joy Bag, TomWaitsForNoOne, Los Helados, San Diego, Cowboy Toast, and like 10+ other tunes! Worth the ‘Investment’.

Released in CDR in chipboard sleeve with photocopied artwork by Morgan Shaker. Each album also has unique crayon art by the artist.

Stream / Download the album for free at

WFR016: Brian S. Ellis: Toothjuice (CD-R)


Expression from the bloody swamps of roots and veins that make up the life and brain of Brian S. Ellis. Homemade 4-track outsider-genius. 21-tracks of aggressive, haunting poetry from the original ‘mouth of the haus’. The first album of Brian’s poetry is a visionary classic. All your favorites like ‘Shopping Carts’, ‘Saturn’s Promises’, ‘Elegy for the Cassette Tape’, ‘Mayor of the 21st Century’, ‘Eleven to Seven’, ‘Self-Portrait’ and more! Hear weird tape/spoken word pieces later performed in Peace, Loving such as ”94 Ford Taurus’ and ‘My Name is Decade’. PLUS! Brian’s poems read by mausers such as Arkm Foam, Greta Merrick, Matt Ferrel and more! It’s a jam packed roller coaster of flying verbs and whispering weeekends.

Released on CD-R with photocopied artwork by Brian S. Ellis. Edition of approx 60.

WFR015: Adam Ryan Kohl McCarthy Foam – ARKMF (CD-R)


A twenty-five minute poem from ‘Foam’. A late may weed, from fall’s seed. 4-tracks-4-life. It starts with gurgling, it’s the sound of something being taken apart. Recorded in Foam’s first bedroom at Whitehaus above the kitchen using synths, saws, tapes, banjo, hand drums, voice and more. Hear Morgan Shaker’s ‘Joe Bag’ get remixed and hacked, updated americana on ‘Poor Smithee’, and cassette virtuosity on ‘Deep Seed Fisherman’, and ‘Stick on Stick’. Plus original folk tunes on ‘Brass and Tenored’ and the later adopted Peace, Loving anthem ‘Untitled Banjo’. Bon Apetit!

Released on CD-R in chipboard sleeve with photocopied art by Arkm Foam. approx. 50 made.

Stream / Download the album at

WFR014: Morgan Shaker: Flat (CD-R)


Take a real head trip. Sip on this tall drink drip. Drop your nikes, look deeply into your psyche. If you’ve ever been down, been kicked around, seen the darker side of towne, well come on down. We’ve all got our own ‘Flats’ and sure we woulda tried to pull em all off the shelves too. Ain’t nothing to look at here, nothing to be ashamed of, keep on walkin, burn a new hole in old shoes. Sleep it off, tomorrow’s another mourning. Hang your head, keep your chin-ups. Deeper folkier wisdoms from a down sequoia. This album is an offering of blubber from a beached whale. Light your future paths.

Released on CD-R with photocopied artwork and insert by Morgan Shaker. approx 100 made.

Stream / Download the album at

WFR013: atomfoam: decade (2XCD-R)


The first Whitehaus release by haus-grandfather atomfoam (Arkm Foam). A retrospective of his rarely distributed home-recordings spanning from 1997-2007. Two discs chock full o grits an’ grazins. A video of you opening pretzels on your birthday. Embarrassing! A collection of many mini-albums including: The Guitar Quartet, Sniff Funny in 3 Movements, The Computer Tape, Craighead-Craighead, 5-Bits, The Microcassette Tape, Extra-Extras, MIDI music, 4-Track Wursts + more.

Released as two taped together chipboard sleeves, glued multi-layer photocopies, and tied with twine. Only 6 made.

WFR012: Many Mansions: Holy Mountain Life Adventure Club (CD-R)


The album recorded during the historic Many Mansions Northwest States life adventure. Shane returned to the Whitehaus with this album and we all listened at the first Whitehaus Thanksgiving. The power of pacific coast mountains and forests loom. Spooky shamanic children, tender lullabyes, third eye cats of drone, ginger lentils w/ your bliss. Get lost in rabbit holes of sound and find your way home with sounds of folk hymns and community celebration. Includes tracks ‘Sun (Son)’, ‘Clouds’, ‘Wearer of Masks’, ‘Ghost Dance’, ‘Thank You’, ‘Fingers’, ‘Something’, ‘Gentle Soul’, ‘Untitled’, and ‘Farewell’.

Released as a CD-R in chipboard sleeve with photocopied art by Many Mansions. Earlier editions with CD printing. approx 200 made.

Stream / Download the album at

WFR011: The Meadowlarks/Gringos Split (CD-R)


The Meadlowarks under the direction of B. Law made this split with the Ruinous Gringos of Macchu Piccu on a cold winter day when Whitehaus was without heat. Includes 4-track versions of B. Law’s hits ‘3rd Person Omniscient’, ‘Back to School’, and ‘Dinosaurs’. Early pro-studio recordings from The Gringos in 2005 with ‘A Cowboy Toast’ and ‘San Diego’. As well as a bonus tune, ‘Joy Bag’ from atomfoam’s ‘ARKMF’.

Cover drawn by B. Law, back cover designed by Morgan Shaker and glued to chipboard sleeve. approx 12 made.

Stream / download the album at

WFR010: Lindsay Clark: Thistles (CD-R)


A country classic – limited handmade edition. Skinny dipping in some pond you’ve never been to, the bugs sound strange. Someone’s cooking bacon on the fire. What a pretty table cloth! A mass of cedar waxwings attacking highbush cranberries, through big speakers. I am hungry, and then I am not. Transmissions from New England’s apple orchards, sleeping when you talk. Songs, an instrument, a voice, and a moving life covering mountains, prairie, and both of America’s coasts. Character that is real.

Released as a CD-R in chipboard sleeve with photo-transfer thistle and hand-penned by Lindsay Clark. approx 50 made.

WFR009: The Whitehaus Family Sampler, Vol. 1 (CD-R)


Assembled by atomfoam and Many Mansions after MM’s return from months on the west coast and released around the holiday season of 2007. The first sampler from the Whitehaus Family Record features The Popsicles, Debbie & the Bullets, The Cups, The Woodrow Wilsons, Kettle Stitches, Brian S. Ellis, Lindsay Clark, Jake E, atomfoam, and Many Mansions. Plus Greg Moon and Jon Deuce’s tracks from the ‘Wake Up! EP! and a family version of the hoot-hit ‘Raspberry Crossing’.

Released on CD-R in chipboard sleeve. Cover designed by Greta Merrick, printed in black and white on multiple paper colors. Original CD-Rs have printed colored text that match the color of the cover. approx 200 made.

Stream / download the album for free on

WFR008: The Whitehaus Family Wake Up EP (CD-R)


WAKE UP! 4 Tracks recorded by a giant group of friends and family one saturday morning at the Whitehaus. Featuring traveling word spinstrels “Solomon Sparrow’s Electric Whale Elephant Engine Revival”! Appearing on this record are Whitehaus classics: ‘Don’t Jam Me Up’, ‘Restless in Heaven’ (some of the only songs every written by Brian S. Ellis!), “Don’t Cry Mama” (the only recorded work by original treemauser Jon Duece), and “Mountain Steep” (a balls-out blues-jam with longtime-mauser Greg ‘Moon’ Mullen).

Released on CD-R in chipboard sleeve in edition of 10 or so with all unique hand-drawn covers. A few later editions included bonus tracks by Charles River Trout Company, and ‘On My 30th Birthday’.

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WFR007: Shane Don and The Field of Light: The Many and The One (CD-R)


After releasing Many Mansions 1, Many Mansions 2, and Many Mansions 3 pre-W.F.R, Shane makes his first release on Whitehaus an album showing his guitar-playing/songwriting side. But peel your eyes, cause this burger’s rare, only 20 copies ever released. Tune into one-man Mantra healing, philosophical spinnings, anthemic familial celebrations, toe-tappers, and truly trippy ‘tribal lunacy’. Shane shows off his more rarely seen anti-folk rooted humor and is revealed to be an eternal entertainer. Recorded in Many Mansion’s / Brian S. Ellis’ shared bedroom and other locations of The Whitehaus and using many of the fine voices of the ’07 hoot crew.

Released on CD-R in chipboard sleeve with photocopied art by Many Mansions. approx 20 made.

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WFR005: Morgan Shaker: Salt (CD-R)

Salt EP

Deep exploration in cassette fidelity from The Whitehaus Lion. Who isn’t curious about Morgan Shaker’s first Whitehaus recordings? Are you a hunter gatherer? Well stalk this one down if you can! Conversations about snakes, folk insights, shamanistic garblings, wisdom from the trees and from the water. Story of a young man in a green tea trance trying to stumble on truth that doesn’t slip away like the tides. Ramblings of the earth when it quakes. Oats shake in the wind. Birds scattered.

Released as CD-R with unique Morgan Shaker paper-and-tape collaged covers in edition of 10.

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WFR004: The Cups – Sketchbook (CD-R)


Considered by most Mausers as ‘the best record ever”, Sketchbook is a 4-track masterpiece by brothers-duo ‘The Cups”. Recorded at their apartment down the street from the whitehaus in 2006, and comes with weird sweet Cups art. Lo-fi, R&B, Classic Rock, OMG. Matt and Ian are now married with children living in Maine.

Released as CD-R with photocopied artwork by Matt Ferrel. Original pressing came with with book-image printed CD-Rs and pop-out inserts of bats and ‘eagle’s range’. (1st edition approx. 40, later editions approx. 100)

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WFR003: Stay Awhile with… The Popsicles (CD-R)


Savory doo-wop girl-group pop sweets… hang out with the Popsicles, go for a swim on a warm summer day, stay awhile. Bring a date, your mom, your grandma, your bro, your dog, everyone loves it. The first and only release by the group that was born and died at Whitehaus Hootenannies. 100% original original music by Kate Lee, Shira E, Kit Wallach, Def Steph Berry, and Leise Jones! Recorded at the whitehaus by Shane Myrbeck, mixed and mastered in a real-deal studio.

Cover designed by Greta Merrick, printed in color and glued to chipboard sleeves. Original pressings had tracklisting and collages by Kate Lee, plus CD was printed with “The Popsicles.” Later pressings had no inserts and the CDs were stamped or handwritten. (1st edition approx. 30, later editions approx. 200)

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WFR002: Hoot Comp, Vol. 2 (CD-R)


They got big, they grew strong. Recordings from the first Whitehaus hootenannies in spring of 2007. All the hits from Debbie, Uncle Shoe, The Meadowlarks, and more of your favorites. Plus tracks from California’s ‘Trapeze and Carrots’ at the first ever hoot feature, and some rare spoken word from ‘The Cups’ Matt Ferrell! Recorded in hi-fi, mixed, and mastered by in-haus audio engineer Shane Myrbeck!

Released on CD-R in stamped chipboard sleeves. Original pressings included a CD-R with printed doorbell image and a card-stock insert on 1 of 12 different collages by either Arkm Foam, Brian S. Ellis, or Many Mansions. Following pressings included flimsier inserts and stamped or handwritten CD-Rs. (1st edition approx. 100, later editions approx. 300)

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WFR001: Hoot Comp, Vol. 1 (CD-R)


The oldest of the old. Talking widemouths popping, clicking, snapping; anything to keep our neighbors sleeping through the blasting, blissfull, beginning. Early recordings from the first of hundreds of Jamaica Plain hootenannies. Recorded at the legendary treehaus in 2006 by Harry Smith?. Includes tracks by Uncle Shoe, Shira E, Shane Myrbeck, Debbie & The Bullets, The Cups, Morgan Shaker, Many Mansions, Greg Mullen, Alan Hague and more!

Originally circulated as a handmade cassette-mix for Mauser consumption only, then rereleased as a CD-R in chipboard sleeves with stamp-collaged covers and dubbed the first ever Whitehaus Family Record! First pressing CDs are printed with the “Hoot” doorbell image, later edition discs were stamped or handwritten. (1st edition approx. 60, later editions approx. 300)

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