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WFR007: Shane Don and The Field of Light: The Many and The One (CD-R)

After releasing Many Mansions 1, Many Mansions 2, and Many Mansions 3 pre-W.F.R, Shane makes his first release on Whitehaus an album showing his guitar-playing/songwriting side. But peel your eyes, cause this burger’s rare, only 20 copies ever released. Tune into one-man Mantra healing, philosophical spinnings, anthemic familial celebrations, toe-tappers, and truly trippy ‘tribal lunacy’. Shane shows off his more rarely seen anti-folk rooted humor and is revealed to be an eternal entertainer. Recorded in Many Mansion’s / Brian S. Ellis’ shared bedroom and other locations of The Whitehaus and using many of the fine voices of the ’07 hoot crew.

Released on CD-R in chipboard sleeve with photocopied art by Many Mansions. approx 20 made.

Stream / Download the album for free at

WFR006: OhOhMints OG Hide& Seek Mixtape

Moon Bros and Sun Bros plus a hunky teenager play night infiltration in the West Yarmouth DPW before it was turned into a parking lot for local firemen. Concrete septic tanks and scrub pines along a dirt path provide shelter from the long arm of DLoo. Duck behind a spool of industrial cable or tag and you’re out! Are you tough enough to survive? Are you bored enough to show up? This record features several guest appearances from some of the Mid-Cape’s brightest stars like: Bobby Jr, a Rubber Dickie, Terrance Metcalf, Bo Jackson, Goo Trial & Slug Wang, LSD, Community College, who is Bo Jackson?, Merman, ALP and more. Don’t wait! This album is only available at 57 Town Brook road from 1999 to late 2000.

WFR005: Morgan Shaker: Salt (CD-R)

Deep exploration in cassette fidelity from The Whitehaus Lion. Who isn’t curious about Morgan Shaker’s first Whitehaus recordings? Are you a hunter gatherer? Well stalk this one down if you can! Conversations about snakes, folk insights, shamanistic garblings, wisdom from the trees and from the water. Story of a young man in a green tea trance trying to stumble on truth that doesn’t slip away like the tides. Ramblings of the earth when it quakes. Oats shake in the wind. Birds scattered.

Released as CD-R with unique Morgan Shaker paper-and-tape collaged covers in edition of 10.

Stream / Download the album at