WFR008: The Whitehaus Family Wake Up EP (CD-R)

WAKE UP! 4 Tracks recorded by a giant group of friends and family one saturday morning at the Whitehaus. Featuring traveling word spinstrels “Solomon Sparrow’s Electric Whale Elephant Engine Revival”! Appearing on this record are Whitehaus classics: ‘Don’t Jam Me Up’, ‘Restless in Heaven’ (some of the only songs every written by Brian S. Ellis!), “Don’t Cry Mama” (the only recorded work by original treemauser Jon Duece), and “Mountain Steep” (a balls-out blues-jam with longtime-mauser Greg ‘Moon’ Mullen).

Released on CD-R in chipboard sleeve in edition of 10 or so with all unique hand-drawn covers. A few later editions included bonus tracks by Charles River Trout Company, and ‘On My 30th Birthday’.

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