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New Morgan Shaker Album OUT NOW!!!

“You are falling down a dark corridor until you land with a puff in a bank of pure crystalline snow.  Clutching your ice dagger and navigating with the warmth of your heart you set out on a hazy mystical journey to the cave of the Ice Queen, with destiny on your side and only the owls to protect you”

This new addition to the WFR recording catalogue should please all who are looking for an experimental fantasy in to the dark and mystical world of snow-fi.  Clocking in at twenty seven minutes, this album was constructed with the use of tapes, a keyboard, a sampler, and electricity.  There are places to listen to this album free online before you buy, but there are a few handmade limited edition hard copies available for the low price of five dollars plus shipping.  WFR Artists/Store

Also Blastfest 2 is March 13th….

SUN DAY: Whitehaus Family Sampler, Vol. 1

The Whitehaus Family Record back catalog is a holy junkyard of hidden energy. The intrepid adventurer can trek miles through the wilderness searching for the deep. You can dig as far as you want. You can crawl the last distance on your belly, stretching out your fingers towards the North Pole (Tennis Racket).

Every Sunday, we will post a collection of recordings from the Whitehaus Family catalog, in mp3 format (note: if you are into uncompressed sound, you can purchase the album for cheep!). It might be anything. It will always be So Free. You can listen on the handy music player below, or download the full album, zipped. Check back every week!

This week, check out the Whitehaus Family Sampler, Vol. 1! One of the most popular WFR releases to date, the first sampler includes many of the great WFR acts of 2007 and today, including Debbie & the Bullets, the Woodrow Wilsons, The Cups, and Gregory J. Moon.

Click Here to Download the Whitehaus Family Sampler, Vol. 1

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Show 1172009 Chain of Events:

Thursday the house went up in black smoke.  The fire department came and the hausers retreated to the cozy hibernation of winter office.

Friday the basement was filled with poisonous gas, effervescent haunting threads wandered the crypt of the basement foundation, pulling down posters and making their presence known with the filthy fingerprints of antiquated mirages pressed into the fibers of the basement laundry pile.

Saturday there was an explosion that filled the Whitehaus with hot water vapor.  The walls sweat with the carbon dioxide exhale of stubborn carefree youth in the grips of fatal romance. 

Listen to Saturday’s Show  the latest big boom from the Whitehaus Family Record center of the universe   (ctrl + click / right click to download quicktime mp3)



WFR Officially Seeking Intern

We wanna get so high in 2009 … Our eyes are fixed on the sky unwavering. We are looking for the perfect person to tie up loose ends and propel us head first into superstardom.

Could It Be You?

Duties will involve publicity, broduction, inventory, graphic design, playing music, set design, coming up with big ideas, and anything else that you can do to help us be more awesome.

Get In Early – Make It Big

If interested please tell us why at


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but did you know that you can purchase the Whitehaus Family Sampler, Vol 2. for the low low price of $5 HERE at the Whitehaus Family Record Store?

It’s true. Click the picture.

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Red featuring Many Mansions

Red featuring Many Mansions