SUN DAY: Whitehaus Family Sampler, Vol. 1

The Whitehaus Family Record back catalog is a holy junkyard of hidden energy. The intrepid adventurer can trek miles through the wilderness searching for the deep. You can dig as far as you want. You can crawl the last distance on your belly, stretching out your fingers towards the North Pole (Tennis Racket).

Every Sunday, we will post a collection of recordings from the Whitehaus Family catalog, in mp3 format (note: if you are into uncompressed sound, you can purchase the album for cheep!). It might be anything. It will always be So Free. You can listen on the handy music player below, or download the full album, zipped. Check back every week!

This week, check out the Whitehaus Family Sampler, Vol. 1! One of the most popular WFR releases to date, the first sampler includes many of the great WFR acts of 2007 and today, including Debbie & the Bullets, the Woodrow Wilsons, The Cups, and Gregory J. Moon.

Click Here to Download the Whitehaus Family Sampler, Vol. 1

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