Do you know what’s been happening?

Slowly but surely, the Whitehaus Family Record is being made available for free download courtesy of

Feel it!

You can see what’s available by visiting our releases page, or by searching for “whitehaus” at

We are working through the catalog. It takes time. We urge you to listen.

Also, Many Mansions and atomfoam are on tour right now. Casey Rocheteau and Shira E. will be joining them soon. Shaker and Smith are getting married. Gracious Calamity and Tiny Tornadoes go on tour in July. Then, everyone comes back together for WEIRDSTOCK. It will be epic.

Ellis and Sun go on tour in the fall. Debbie comes back in the winter. Wintour ’09/’10. The weeks are so full. Red has caught at least 10 mice in the last week and a baby bird. Sad.