Saturday Night’s alright for Loving

The Whitehaus is putting on a show of all your favorite bands, so you should probably come. If you don’t already know why, please let me explain. You are a human, most likely, if you are reading this. Pleasant sounds soothe the chaotic tempestuous heaving of your thoughts and your emotions. If you want to bliss out, or ever fall in love again, you’ll come to this show.

Let’s Recap the flyer, shall we?:

Timbre: stellar harp playing with a full band who will uplift the s@#t out of you. She’s on tour from Nashville, and when I saw her in Chicago, I really caught the vapors. Not to be missed.

Manners: just finished recording his new record, and is polished as a new copper penny. If you haven’t already heard Manners, I’m not really sure where you’ve been, but you should probably leave… and go listen to Manners. Also, what a dreamboat!

Ladderlegs: you want this in your life, trust me. I would call them a spastic joyous noise. They come highly recommended from both the Points North and yours truly, so if you’ve got any sense…

the Woodrow Wilsons: if you don’t know, you gotta learn. Harmonies that go together like red and blue fireworks, tunes that will stay with you for months,

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probably years and lyrics that will make you want to get them tattooed on the insides of your eyelids. Just sayin’. . . also, what a boatload of dreamboats!!!!!!

the Soil & the Sun: I’ve been trying to describe this band for weeks, and I haven’t found the right words yet. My best friend really digs Blonde Redhead, Elvis Costello, and Neutral Milk Hotel, and she’s been kicking herself for not buying the Soil & the Sun’s album. 50 % of the time I think her taste in music is atrocious, but we both agreed that we adored this band. Bright, I think, is the only right word to describe them that I’ve come up with, and I mean it in every possible sense.