it’s a back 2 school special.
free for the price of one.
two or more for the price of free.
any ages allowed.
all the types are welcome.
big skinny short or tall.
welcome are the types of all.

make it a date, “doors” @ 7pm,
moosic @ 8!


“Illlich” (C.L of baab ceegur) longtime whitehaus neighbor and all around sweet dude!

“peace,loving” (sh8kr & floam) we never do the same shit twice!

“vic rawlings” (prepared amplified cello, surface electronics) is active in the Boston improvised music community. His performances focus on the metamusical potential of unstable sounds and silences. He is an instrument builder specializing in modifications of existing instruments. In addition to his extensive cello preparations, he continually develops an electronic instrument from extant analog circuitry, producing, in effect, an analog synthesizer with a highly unstable interface.

“mike bullock” (contrabass, feedback systems, digital video) is an active member of the Boston improvised music scene. As a soloist, Bullock plays the contrabass like an empty wooden room creaking under its own weight. His performances are permeated by a precarious sense of timing reminiscent of Buster Keaton. He also plays the acoustic feedback of his bass and amplifier, sweeping the bass through the air to change the tone, and modulating it with test oscillators and tuning forks. As a video artist, Bullock has collaborated with artists from Hefty Records and from Vidvox LLC.