@ Whitehaus 11/17, Tuesday, 8pm.

David Kirby
Tandem Electrics (Kamerman+Rosenberg)
Foam, Loving
Abram Taber (just added!)

Richard Kamerman prefers small sounds to large sounds but that doesn’t
mean they are always performed as quiet sounds. He also likes
accidental sounds and collecting his instruments from people’s trash
on the street. Although essentially a percussionist, he rarely sits
behind a drum kit, preferring to explore the percussive behaviors of
various re-purposed electronics – computer circuit boards, mechanical
parts. He has no time for cigar breaks.

David Kirby is an Atlanta-based digital composer making a transition
to analog improvisation using cassette tapes. He operates the
Homophoni web label, with a focus on electroacoustic music, and
recently released his first improvised recording,
entitled Cittacaura (http://www.homophoni.com/homo037.html)

Reed Evan Rosenberg is a musician and multimedia artist based in New
York City. Since 2007 Rosenberg has explored the possibilities of the
computer as instrument by crafting various programs that are meant to
perform classic computer music techniques. Programs that should
generate stochastic synthesis, granular synthesis, or waveshaping
however are purposefully under-reasearched and thus mathematically
incorrect, letting the artist’s intuition and imagination pick up
where the intimate knowledge of “correct” programming technique leaves

Abram Taber is a musician and educator currently residing in Medford, MA.
In addition to his day job as a high school music director, he performs in several musical ensembles including the Musical Theatre, Verre and a variety of one-off or occassional projects with a rotating casts of similar-minded musical misfits. He has previously performed with Paraffin Section, Pyotr, Slurred Murrays and Abernathy. His solo performances combine elements of pre-composed themes and improvisation. Instrumentation includes electric bass, electric guitar, drums, voice, effects, saxophone, ukulele, found sounds and more. He also works/lives with the group Friendly Square.

Foam, Loving is