SAT, 12/5 @ Whitehaus: “GUITAR AND FEATHERED”

study the moves of these fine studs. we’re talking turkey pickin. from the ‘classical’ styling of FINDINGS of providence, to badd THADD’S microtonal axe swinging (accomp. matt samolis on flute!)…but that’s not all! ride KEVIN FRENETTE’S swell time volume waves, and c-h-i-c-k-e-n spells in-haus/islander BRIAN LAW spitting chops like straw hats have holes. CHUNKY! always all ages, always FREE. STARTS AT 8PM!

Kevin Frenette Trio (w/ Rohr/McLellan)
B Law (his first “show” at the “haus”)
Findings (of Providence, RI)
Syd Rickey (Samolis/Comstock/Petit)