forever yes.

What is he Talking about?

Whitehaus is changing. People leaving, new people need to step up and get on board. Gotta stay cool. Must be a powerful spirit, a yes waver, commited to goodness in your heart, ever ascending and completely open with all that you hold, know and do. A yes waver will speak out loud things he would say to everybody, to be secretive or conditional never. Committed to multiple crafts and pursuits, does not spread the bum. We want you. I recognize you around the world. It started early for all. I can say when I was maybe three I started to wonder why adults spoke dishonestly to each other all the time, why the world wanted to trick me when all I ever wanted was to love it. I felt very confused for a very long time, but I was resolved. I knew I had sharper, more insightful vibration. I took it upon myself to believe that I could make the difference, and it has made all the difference. Never listen to anyone. Do you know that? You were born with everysingle solution to everysingle problem in your heart and your hands. It is true, do not believe you are not good, or good enough. It is the work of evil that makes you ever think such thoughts. Leave evil shivering in an old tin can on the side of the road and don’t look back, the mountains are far away and you are running in love for them, remember your fellow mausers along the the road everywhere in the world, they left the evil on the way and are screaming forth to the mountain too. Remember in the future the great rejoicing when all of our heroes converge in light upon their paths. You belong there too.
-discovered writing by ‘smorgas board’. 2006, dead see scrolls…


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    sjkhr 4 prezident!!!

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    Jan 20, 2010 @ 23:47:40