Bacon Cheddar Biscuit: A Peace, Loving Tour Update

have u been tuned in?
don’t change that channel.

we’re talking about peace and love.
on tour, headed out west.
shedding winter layers,
it’s hot down here!

so far. we’ve played a lot of shows. lots more to go. lots more to say…
we’ve seen it all out there: north carolina camo, atlanta snowmen, civil war bullets dug from the backyard, gainesville bonfires, sharks teeth, great egrets of the okefenoke swamp…
we’ve traveled in cars, canoes, our own shoes. built a stone stage by hand, played on it that night, shown the south east peace, love, biscuits, grits. cheers to the waffle wills of worcester, the hairy potter guys, all the tom cats, living loving things breakfast, grilled cheeses at the wedgie, max and bird, we could go on and on. but there’s still much more texas bbq to come. and that stranger raub roy.

stay cool out there.

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