Whitehaus Family Record Featured on Mango Nebula

Big thanks to secret Royal (in) Tern Lee Stepien for his informative, factual, awesome, glowing, danky panky review of the “The Whitehaus Family Record” the label, which is currently/concurrently featured in the tune/industry rag-a-zine “Performer Magazine” as well as the axxtion-packed-day-glo-blog-o-choice “Mango Nebula“…

Surf on over, check out the review, listen to the free streaming tunes, leave a comment, get psyched on and on and on and on…

“On any given weekend night in Jamaica Plain, by some fleeting word of mouth from friends of friends of friends you might wander up the dim wooden porch that is decorated with polaroids or a gutted antique radio or other found art projects. Upon entering this house you’ll realize that it might be the strangest and most interesting place you could’ve gone tonight”

Or any night Lee, Thanks 4 Love.


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