Blastfest 3 is Right Now!!!

Gitty on up on down here pardner!!!  The stage is poppin’ !!!  The zine folks are set up to the maxxx!!  The door is cheap and there are still teens of acts to go today…We are going to need some help finishing up here tonight too…So come for the show, stay to watch the Whitehaus magic unfold…

Five reasons you have to come to Blastfest 3…

5.  Gregs of sound
4.  DIY megaopolis.  Every form know to man.
3.  See Simone B host her way out of a straight jacket made of sharks

2.  There are folks wearing pants, shorts, skirts, skorts, knickers, capris, kahkis, tight jeans, sag bustin’ jeans, suits, ties, cashmere, angora, silk, flannel, and sandals.

1.  Lenora is here; so is Pancho the Kid..EPIC EPIC EPIC ! ! !

Watch the plan follow through.  Then go back to your normal life, different, changed, alive, riiiiiiight onnnnnnn!!!

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