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2010 vision in partnership with the whitehaus family record presents:
six kinds of mystery at the edge of beach forest; terrible fishgut magic
recorded binaurally in a flavorful attic
produced by raub roy
includes: BONUS TRACK! the foam/flora duo: “the conch of confusion does (something) at the sand bar. what does he do?”
not to be missed. only 30 copies pressed (with thanks to resipiscent james)! purchase through (coming soon!) or at a peace, loving show.
or, download for free on!

also – look out for peace, loving/horaflora live splits from their tour from austin to los angeles. live sets of both acts were recorded (one per side) on four handheld tape recorders per show. scope that rare beef if you can!

peace, loving: west roller coast tour

R U THERE? 95?

3/1 – Los Angeles, CA @ HM157 w/ Featherbeard, Horaflora
3/2 – Los Angeles, CA @ Echo Curio w/ Headlight, Lola Loshkey, Horaflora
3/3 – Los Angeles, CA @

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Lightbulb Radio Mouth Hour
3/4 – San Fran, CA @ Crowdflower w/ Elephant Micah, Joseph Childress, Lazarus
3/6 – Oakland, CA @ Life Changing Ministries w/ Pink Canoes, Chen Santa Maria, Hydrogen Pellets
3/7 – 3/10 – Recording w/ Raub Roy/Horaflora ! !
3/11 – Sacramento, CA @ Friendship Cottage w/ Dead Western, Sacred Harp, Veedon Fleece
3/13 – Placerville, CA @ Upstairs Art Gallery w/ Aaron Ross
3/14 – Oakland, CA @ The Bootstrap w/ The Why Because, Inner Ear Brigade, Spencer Owen
3/18 – Portland, OR @ The Wail w/ A House, A Family, And Pets, Carson McWhirter
3/19 – Portland, OR @ The Waypost w/ Lindsay Clark, Galveston
3/20 – Vancouver, BC @ House Show w/ Half Chinese, Bad Fate, Nihilist Party, Shipyards
3/21 – Vancouver, BC @ The Shed w/ Pink Islands, Ok Vancouver Ok
3/22 – Olympia, WA @ TBA
3/23 – Seattle, WA @ 1412 Gallery w/ Wilson Shook
3/24 – Seattle, WA @ Blue Bird Ice Cream w/ tba


Whitehaus Family Record Featured on Mango Nebula

Big thanks to secret Royal (in) Tern Lee Stepien for his informative, factual, awesome, glowing, danky panky review of the “The Whitehaus Family Record” the label, which is currently/concurrently featured in the tune/industry rag-a-zine “Performer Magazine” as well as the axxtion-packed-day-glo-blog-o-choice “Mango Nebula“…

Surf on over, check out the review, listen to the free streaming tunes, leave a comment, get psyched on and on and on and on…

“On any given weekend night in Jamaica Plain, by some fleeting word of mouth from friends of friends of friends you might wander up the dim wooden porch that is decorated with polaroids or a gutted antique radio or other found art projects. Upon entering this house you’ll realize that it might be the strangest and most interesting place you could’ve gone tonight”

Or any night Lee, Thanks 4 Love.


Blastfest 3 Lineup Announced!!!

Hey Chowdah-headz – –

The annual Blastfest is upon us! Mark your calendars. The Whitehaus Family Record is pleased to announce the lineup for this years Blastfest!!!

Avi Jacob, Gregory J Mullen, Manners, Shai Erlichman, The Needy Visions, Duck That, The Woodrow Wilsons, Wolf Woolf, Tulsa, Ambitious Tugboat, Concord Ballet Orchestra Players, Debbie and the Bullets, Casey Rocheteau, Apollo Sunshine, Rene, Boy without God, James Lindsey, The Great Valley, OH!OH!MINTS!, The French Cops, Girlfriends, The Meadowlarks, Turtle Ambulance and more!!! Hosted by the inimitable Simone Beaubien.

Other Wild items: Blastfest 3 will feature a fully ripping and operational Zine fair, care of the mad and merry “Papercut Zine Library“. Don’t miss the comic jam, tablers from around New England and beyond,

and the crafty artists and their words spilling over in to everyones spheres of influence. Also, this will be the bona-fide release party of the double LP “The Whitehaus Family Record Family Record”, a musical journey curated by the critical and chronic ears of your friends at the Whitehaus. 26 tracks, self produced, DIY HIGH, total fun and sonic love and bliss from your friends. Sweet, yes.

Specifically, Whitehaus Family Record presents, Blastfest III, Cambridge YMCA, Central Square, Massachusetts, Anno Domino 2010, March the 20th, from 11 to 11. $5-10 sliding scale. Free PB+J’s Oh yes, you know it.