HEY YALL tune in to WZBC from 3-5 pm today for the second episode of “NOW’S OURS,” the radio show curated and hosted by peace, loving.
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today we’re serving up some shai erlichman, lexie mountain boys, biff rose, secret boyfriend, and lots of other delicious omelettes.

Deboonejay “Song 1” from Deboonejay
Deboonejay “Song 2” from Deboonejay
Precious Blood “I can’t feel at home in this world anymore” from Top of the Holler
Kurt Weisman “Self-Portrait With Skull” from Orange
F.o.M “Mind Control” SINGLE (No Fidelity Audio)
Quiet Hooves “Feelin Down” from Quiet Hooves/Bubbly Mommy Gun (Party Party Partners)
Friendly Rich and The Lollipop People “The Family Tree” from Dinosaur Power
Greg Mullen “Letter from Des Moines” from Whitehaus Family Record Family Record (Whitehaus)
VVAQRT “Hyssopeq” from s/t
Good For Cows “Solfell (Mountains on the Sun)” from Audumla (Web of Mimicry)
Shai Erlichman “The Season” from Season of Increasing Light (Whitehaus)
Bell and the Bees “Do You Know?” from Two Songs…
Ecco Fatto “A Farmisi Sentire” from Ecco Fatto
Tara Toms “Song 1” from Tara Toms and Josh Dean
Lexie Mountain Boys “Stop and Discuss Part Three” from Sexy Fountain Noise
Ambitious Tugboat “The Traitor and the Captive”
Josh Jefferson “For Bhob Rainey” from Turkey Boot Foot
The Cups “I Am Seethrough” from Sketchbook (Whitehaus)
Secret Boyfriend “Cool Air” from Horaflora/Secret Boyfriend Split (Hot Releases)
Secret Boyfriend “Chocolat” from Horaflora/Secret Boyfriend Split (Hot Releases)
Prince Rama of Ayodhaya “Everything” from Threshold Dances (Whitehaus)
Foam/Flora Duo “The Conch of Confusion Does (Something) at the Sand Bar; What Does He Do?” from Six Kinds of Mystery At The Edge of Beach Forest; Terrible Fishgut Magic
The Bird Names “I Had A Girl” from Sings The Browns
The Shaggs “My Pal Foot Foot” from Philosophy of The World MP3 SINGLE (RCA 1969)
The Soft White 3-Way “A Book About God, My Girl, and Canada” from The Hospital Where We Died… (From The Heart Media)
Shira E. “Track 4” from A Riverbed of Buttons
Biff Rose “Fill Your Heart” from The Thorn in Mrs. Rose’s Side
Aaron Ross “Elevator Blues” from Shapeshifter (Grassroots Record Co.)
Thadd Comstock “Intershire Underhill” from One Of Many Faces
Ralph White “Navasota River Devil Squirrel 1 and 2” from Navasota River Devil Squirrel