Utopia Can Have No Cost

Welcome to Spring Everyone, BlastFest 4 is nearly here. Tomorrow night, at the Central Square YMCA the Whitehaus Family will put on its fourth installment of our powerful annual event. Last year

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we saw a true flowering of what BlastFest could do. The show: an all day event, the zine fair, physical and visual elements swirling in a field of new ideas and new friends. But all things can and must change. This year, BlastFest is in a season of seeds. For the fourth we will have three hours of music & art & poetry, with lighting fast, ten-minute sets. This is a precision moment. We are accumulating and percolating. Raw substance is the theme of BlastFest 4.

The Whitehaus Family Record used to be the new crew in the Boston Overground Universe. Now the Culture-Culture is everywhere. Boston is cooler than ever thanks to the millions of explosive folks who decided to give more than they get. The decade is young, and the planet earth is a volatile place. We want to learn as much as we can while we can. Celebration is a teaching experience. We are a green sapling, excited about the browning, the expansion of rings. The Whitehaus is showing up to be accounted for alongside all of the other awesome organizations putting on shows, and giving people permission to live a life of light. So its starts at Seven in the evening tomorrow night, a super-charged celebration of the vernal equinox. We think that you have a lot of fun if you’d come.

The Show Is Free And So Are You.

WFR, 2011