Conversations w/ Metal and Glass for We Are Guest Talk

The Whitehaus Family will be bloasting plog plosts w/ interviews, videos, etc from the performers of ‘We Are Guest Talk, Free: $10″. Here is the first! Starting w/ the 1st performer of the day, “Metal and Glass Ensemble”!!

Come see Metal and Glass Ensemble at 2pm-3pm for an amazing drone, oh and the lights will go out 1×1 over the hour until is black dark and

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then Peace, Loving is gonna freak the zone…

I sat down w/ Matt for chat and here’s what was spat:

Q: What would you say is the objective of The Metal and Glass Ensemble?
A: The primary objective of the ensemble is to explore pitch relationships of all varieties in an acoustic environment that is devoid of other musical elements such as tempo, rhythm, and melody. The resulting sonic landscape makes close, extended observation of intervalic stability, beating, and timbre possible.

Q: What originally inspired that vision, and what sustains that vision?
A:There is a fascinatingly endless vocabulary of harmonic language that is overlooked in traditional diatonic music. There are also facets of sound that are not able to present themselves in a short period of time. Overarching beat patterns and elements of timbre only manifest after a prolonged sustain of the generating pitches. In traditional musics, the pitch is expressed within a formula of very brief, fixed amounts of time, as a part of some rhythmic structure. In our music, the rhythmic structures are determined organically by the qualities of the sounds themselves, and expressed as swells of timbre, or intervallic beating.

Q: How has the vision changed through the years?
A: Oh, originally we strove to impose much more compositional order on the performances, only to realize that the experience is much more fluid and spiritual, and perfectly capable of composing itself as it is played, if the players are sensitive enough.

Q: What can we expect from you at we are guest talk, free: $10 ?
A: Each performance is a conversation between the ensemble and the acoustic properties of the room. We have always had great sets in this space, and expect it to be an amazing set! We feel privileged to begin what promises to be an amazing day of sound!

Q: What

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is in store for the metal and glass ensemble in the future?
A: M&G is continuing to seek out new, unique spaces to present their work. There is a real sense of purpose and community amongst the players in this project, and I’m hoping to release another recording this year. We just posted a recent quartet concert recorded at MIT this past spring:

and check out this amazing video of Metal and Glass Ensemble…

and check out this video of the now boston classic pairing of ‘peace, loving —-> metal and glass ensemble’