WFR023: Kate Lee and the Opposites Attract: Whatever Whatever (tape / CD-R)

The first and only solo album to date by the talented Kate Lee (of Gracious Calamity, Life Adventure, Peace,Loving, and many more!). Whatever Whatever is a visual collage of sound waves. It was born in the center of a mound of dough, kneaded into form by knuckles and elbows. Risen by the sun, baked by the sun. The smell is of yeast happily gobbling the sugars around itself. The sound is of gliadin and glutenin dancing their magic dance and assembling themselves orderly into graphs. but don’t take my word for it,

First edition tapes were released in a series of 5 with handmade collage artwork by Kate Lee. Second edition tapes were released in jean fabric cases with screenprinted virus art by Kate Lee. CDRs were released in chipboard sleeve with virus artwork by Kate Lee watercolored by Kate + others

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