WFR027: Casey Rocheteau: Pump Your Concrete (Oh Word the Album) (CD-R)

An adventure through time, spa c e, and sound. Poetry, tape collage, jams from a saloon in the 1800s, knowledge, facts, mystique. All straight to your mind from the mouth of the newest new American poet. Oh word. Casey will teach you lessons, make you think more than twice, and have you listening over and over again salivating over poetic tidbits and humor driven stories of war with love. Plus a buncha funky reggae tracks starring in-haus groovers and noisers. This album is chock full, busting at the seams, and worth spending a life time with.

Released on CD-R in chipboard sleeve with color copied artwork by Gianna Rodriguez. Some Black and White copies exist as

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well. Approx 100 total released.

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