Our new LP compilation Are You In Paradise?, is out and we are hosting a release celebration at Spectacle this Saturday, February 11, 2012. From now until the party, we will be spotlighting one track from the compilation every few hours.

Welcome Home – Flyers

is love at first breath. Classic sounds you heard pumping the stereo of the wind when you stepped outside without a hat on, 70 degrees in January, the muscles in your cheeks creaking to let out a smile when it’s been a while. Their track ‘Flyers’ is the closing track of Are You In Paradise?. The song delivers physically distant friends straight to our side.










For the album release, Welcome Home will be joining forces with Peace, Loving to present a full-band experience of their amazing tune. It will be the climax of an hour long round robin of quick hits straight to th’ gut. Be Ready to Be There