Are You In Paradise with Peace, Loving

Our new LP compilation Are You In Paradise?, is out and we are hosting a release celebration at Spectacle this Saturday, February 11, 2012. From now until the party, we will be spotlighting one track from the compilation every few hours.

Peace, Loving – Take Juan Passa Ground

We chose Peace, Loving as the opener for the ARE YOU IN PARADISE? record because they are the ultimate band. Truly. If you want to know any more about Peace, Loving, please read the Boston Hassle feature on them: “Just One Person’s Perspective”. At the Spectacle show on 2/11, Peace, Loving will be performing a total of 6 songs, acting as the backing band for Gracious Calamity, Welcome Home, B. Law, Morgan Shaker, Shira E. (as played by Shai E.), and themselves.