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WFR088: Hot Company – Three’s Company (Tape)

A ménage à trois of musical merriment from Whitehaus DJs Lenny, Jimmy, and Pancho takes the listener on a funky ride through the record collection of dreams. Equal parts club dance jammer and bedroom mixtape journey, the Three’s Conpany mixtape features choice cuts from all the finest old-school funk & soul sirloins. It’s the mixtape your cool friend made for you that turned into the soundtrack for all your favorite memories you didn’t even know about yet.

C45 in cool printed cardboard case in edition of approx 12.

WFR087: Pop Rock: 10/27/12 (Tape)

Arkm Foam and Con-Tex became roommates at The Whitehaus in fall of 2012 and made this duo recording under the name ‘Pop Rock’. A cassette featuring two long-form unedited 4-track jams on a C30. Con-Tex using sound effects, & circuit bent keyboards; Foam performing an alarm clock radio & effected cassettes. Gut-busted electronic slabs, farting pitch-wavering tapes, radio statics and unpopular melodies, chopped sound-effects popped and cheezed beets delight your senses and tingle your toe cells.

Edition of only 7! Made from discarded Kal Marks tapes found at the Whitehaus. Each cover is a different collage. Ask for a repressing.

WFR086: BANG! BROS.: Hard Rocks Vols. 1-9 (3xCD-R)

A triple CD comprised of the first nine Bang! Bros. albums recorded during the summer and fall of 2012. Bang! Bros. are Arkm Foam and Mark Johnson performing under their techno pseudonyms “Thom Simon” and “Ed Roland”. This harsh-free jazz+noise duo literally bang their table of 90′s drum machines and effects pounding the buttons of the machines creating clouds of textures from the futures of the past.

Edition of 33 Triple CDr’s using taped together single chipboard sleeves. Pictures, info, and track listings as pasted photocopy inserts. Tied together with blue twine.

WFR085: Libras Of Sound (Tape)

Libras of Sound are long-time Hausers and Peace, Loving buddies Greg Sun and Arkm Foam joining together for acoustic free-sound percussive play. This tape was recorded over a weekend of jams in Foam’s room late summer 2012. Distorted, effected feedback and pickup bouncing, micro sound bell and hand drum jams, peaceful offerings, and folk flavorings, unafraid showings of nautical roots.

Edition of 5 so far, but find Foam and he might dub you copy. Ripped paper bag covers with sharpied labels and handwritten pencil insert.