WFR087: Pop Rock: 10/27/12 (Tape)

Arkm Foam and Con-Tex became roommates at The Whitehaus in fall of 2012 and made this duo recording under the name ‘Pop Rock’. A cassette featuring two long-form unedited 4-track jams on a C30. Con-Tex using sound effects, & circuit bent keyboards; Foam performing an alarm clock radio & effected cassettes. Gut-busted electronic slabs, farting pitch-wavering tapes, radio statics and unpopular melodies, chopped sound-effects popped and cheezed beets delight your senses and tingle your toe cells.

Edition of only 7! Made from discarded Kal Marks tapes found at the Whitehaus. Each cover is a different collage. Ask for a repressing.