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WFR093: Erich Haygun: SelfIsh (CD-R / digital)

Compiled during 2011 for an international tour through the US Pacific Northwest, Canada, England and France, this is a collection of live performances by Erich Haygun at Jamaica Plain house venues, Brooklyn high schools, Occupy Boston and legendary poetry venues including the Cantab Lounge and LouderARTS in NYC. The recording of “Get Closer” (also feature the WFRFR2: Are You In Paradise?) was recorded at the Boston Poetry Slam on the night the Bruins won the Stanley Cup. You can practically hear the table and chairs rattling under Haygun’s feet.

Released as a CD-R in edition of 100 with textured spray paint, repurposed paperbacks, and stamps.

WFR092: Pancho The Kidd: Live at The Aviary Gallery (tape)

The first and long awaited solo album by Whitehaus resident and master songwriter Pancho The Kidd! Recorded live by Arkm Foam at the Aviary Gallery in Jamaica Plain on December 8th 2012. (The same night as Con Tex’s Lush Release!) A five song candlelit feast by the truest crooner the world may ever know. Featuring some older and lesser known songs and some old favorites tune in for: Save it for the Narcissist, Laid Out in the Blizzard of ’78, Relivin Livin, Communion, and At The Creek.

First edition of only 10 1-sided cassettes and sold out. Second pressing in the works! Photocopy artwork and insert by Arkm Foam.

WFR091: Con Tex: Lush (CD-R)

The most fully-realized Con Tex release to date features the legendary noisemakers of Peace, Loving as the dream team backing band. Recorded in the Whitehaus Hoot Room in April 2012 and released the following December, the lush flow of psychedelic rock, country, and soul that gives the record its name masks an experimental undercurrent that rises above the surface at the most necessary moments just when you need it to carry you through the rapids. Lush follows a progression from a place of existential confusion in “Little Boy Lost” to a final hard-won self-affirmation in the closing “Down In Denver”, bringing the listener along on a psychedelic ride through the subconscious that engages all ends of the emotional, psychological, and spiritual spectrums. All in just five tracks!

Released on CD-R in chipboard sleeve. In an edition of 50, with art by Whitehauser Ronnie Nordac!

WFR090: Frank Hurricane: Muzzzak (CD-R)

Recorded by the legendary nomad Frank Hurricane in the basement of the Whitehaus in November 2012. Featuring mostly keyboard and keyboard percussion instrumentals reminiscent of tracks like ‘Funky Pymp #1 and #2′ on the first release dawning the ‘Frank Hurricane’ name, ‘Holy Maspeth Nyghtz’. Of special mention is a 12min organ droner with Frank channeling deep vibes and wailing the phrase ‘I Love You So Much’ over and over. Crucial album in the Hurricane series, very special to have it on The Whitehaus Family Record.

Edition of 40 CD-R’s with photocopy paper covers drawn and designed by Frank.

WFR089: Arkm Foam: The Foam Doesn’t Fall Far From The Shore (tape)

Latest album by Arkm Foam. The Long awaited full length follow up to ‘ARKMF’ (WFR-016). Some tracks include jams with Andy Allen (saxophone) and Morgan Shaker (guitar). A deeper exploration in cassette scrubbing, and the influence of Foam’s time with the Boston improv scene are more prominent on this album than his last in 2007. But stay on your toes cause there’s genre hopping to be done all the way down winding river.

1 sided cassette mailed with instructions for the receiver to record anything, for any amount of time, anywhere on the ‘blank side’ and then mail/pass the cassette to the next participant. edition of 30 in large manila envelope with a 8.5×11 directions/record log sheet.