WFR089: Arkm Foam: The Foam Doesn’t Fall Far From The Shore (tape)

Latest album by Arkm Foam. The Long awaited full length follow up to ‘ARKMF’ (WFR-016). Some tracks include jams with Andy Allen (saxophone) and Morgan Shaker (guitar). A deeper exploration in cassette scrubbing, and the influence of Foam’s time with the Boston improv scene are more prominent on this album than his last in 2007. But stay on your toes cause there’s genre hopping to be done all the way down winding river.

1 sided cassette mailed with instructions for the receiver to record anything, for any amount of time, anywhere on the ‘blank side’ and then mail/pass the cassette to the next participant. edition of 30 in large manila envelope with a 8.5×11 directions/record log sheet.