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WFR072: Erich Haygun – Elsewise (CD-R / digital)

This entire collection of songs was produced, written and recorded in hotel rooms across the United States while Haygun was on tour with basketball’s losingest team, The Washington Generals. The music for each track represents one night in a given hotel room, with the entire process of sound creation, sequencing and recording live to 2-track being completed in a single session. Haygun then pieced together lyrics for each of those clips from the constant swirl of land and time coming through the bus window. “You don’t have to stay here, but you can’t go home

The original release of this CD-R included a limited edition of hotel room key cards, hand-labeled during Haygun’s tour with The Trotters and The Generals. Edition of approx 100.

Listen to this album on Soundcloud

WFR070: Michael Collins – Violet Flame (tape / digital)

Solo release by Michael Collins (ex-Prince Rama). A sonic sea of psychedelic sequencers and synths provides the internal landscape for the cathartic

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pathos of Michael’s crooning vocals. A divinely inspired recording that never misses a beat, with the coolest tape packaging of all time.

Released on casette tape with violet themed artwork by Michael Collins. Dried lavender was included in the tape case.

Stream / Download the album at

WFR069: Con Tex – Everything in Con Tex (tape / CD-R / digital)

The first Con Tex release is a collection of lost & found fuzzy folk recorded in the faraway garages of Oswego, NY in the summer of 2010 and released in Boston in the fall of 2012. There are songs about capitalism, a song about the artistic process disguised as a parable about trash, and enough cosmic insight to fill a short novel.

Released originally on cassette in an edition of 25. Later released digitally and on CD-R in an edition of 25.

Stream / Download the album at

WFR068: Treemausers 7: Radio Heaven. Now’s Hour’s with Musical Guest Peace, Loving (radio / digital / 3xtape)

‘Treemausers 7: Radio Heaven’ is a 3 hour nonstop live Peace, Loving variety show performance that aired as part of the ‘Now’s Ours’ program on WZBC. It features skits, PSAs, interviews, live performances, and lots of sound.

Originally released digitally via, later released as a triple casette with artwork by Kate Lee

Stream / Download the album at

“We Are Guest Talk, Free: $10″

“We Are Guest Talk, Free: $10″ is the third annual installment of the ‘Weird-Stalk’ series.

This year we are throwing an all day nonstop fest from 2pm-10:20pm
w/ over 30 performers being held
@ The Cambridge YMCA Theatre
on Sunday, August 14th, 2011.

The following is an exemplary temporal synthesis of the future in question:

10:00 – 10:20PM: FAT WORM OF ERROR

of Western, MA: Fully actualized face melt that’s actually better than sitting around and listening to trout mask again f.worms come with costumes and obviously the best and biggest foam hand winner of massachusett’s best dang band award. You heard right.

5:45 – 6:00PM: Table Radios

of Boston, MA. Vic Rawlings/Brendan Murray Duo:Vic Rawlings (Boston- amplifier/ prepared cello, speaker elements/ exposed circuitry) employs a still and unstable sound language that traverses from the visceral excess of the Laurence Cook Disaster Unit to the extreme austerity of undr quartet. He has designed and built 2 separate instruments to realize this aesthetic.Brendan Murray: Brendan Murray regards his music as a balance between spontaneous sound making and compositional rigor, with an emphasis on drones and repetition. He records and processes instruments and tapes until all traces of instrumentality are blurred, leaving only large blocks of pure sound. He is a founding member of the group Ouest, with longtime friends and collaborators Jay Sullivan and Howard Stelzer.



of Cambridge, MA: Angela Sawyer, owner/founder of Weirdo Records, a true staple in the Boston music scene. Member of Excusamwa, Duck That, Human Hairs. Preggy Peggy has been released on great Belgium record label Ultra Eczema

5:15 – 5:30: CAVE BEARS

of Turners Falls, MA: People have said about the singing frog band, Cave Bears, “die frogand creator.” And, “I LOVE THIS FROG” and “This thing is tight andfunny” and “the best on this site yet!!!” Cave Bears is beloved by nobody. But, we have continued for 1,000 years until you now have over100,000,000 releases on all labels in the world to listen to in yourhome until you are dead. You are dead now, so wake up!!!!!! GO to thebank you have to get coffee.

4:50 – 5:00PM: Walter Wright/Jules Vasylenko Duo

of MA:Walter Wright: Walter Wright is a video artist, teaches studio art at Lasell College, and is the Director of 119 Gallery. One of the first video animators, he worked at Computer Image Corporation in the 1970’s animating letters and words for The Electric Company. He was an Associate Director at the Kitchen. He left NYC to join the Experimental Televsion Center where he pioneered video performance touring with the Paik/Abe Video Synthesizer. In the 1980’s he taught video art, sound art and computer graphics at William James College and Virginia Commonwealth University. In the 1990’s he worked as a software engineer for Truevision. He wrote his own performance video system, the Video Shredder. Recently, he began experimenting with Max/MSP and softVNS.Jules Vasylenko: A Mad Trombonist


of Boston, MA: The Needy Visions are the product of a corrupt upbringing spent wallowing around within the various nether regions of the Boston, MA area. They found the 60s, then punk, then Jamaica, then psych. Then time and space became illuminated and now we are free.

4:30 – 4:40PM: GAY SHAPES

Worcester, MA supergroup. Joseph Bastardo, Sam Gas Can, Mickey O’Hara, Abdul Sherzai.

4:20 – 4:30PM: COTTON CANDY

of Boston, MA: Jingle Jangles from the depths of who know’s where radio subconscious. Of course also the runners of the great Teen Beat label! top notch, first rate…


of Boston, MA: Andrew Eisenberg plays percussion on an assortment of modified drum parts that he has reduced and eroded thru a process of playing and breaking them. He also runs the floft show space downtown

4:00 – 4:10PM: Supremo Puppet Show

the puppet show of the legendary comic strip first appearing in Treemausers Magazine. (Puppets by Kate Lee and Brian S. Ellis)

3:55 – 4:00PM: Guerilla Toss
of Boston, MA. Peter and Andy blasting distored sax and drums in Zorn-inspired off-kilter slightly tech’d out in only the right way. RISING STAR ALERT.

3:50 – 3:55PM: The Debate

of Boston, MA. Quick Wit Rap-Tastic, Awkward Soother, Muscle Melter. of Cantab Poetry scene and Whitehaus!

3:45 – 3:50: Hunnie Bunnies

of Boston, MA. Freaky Bloody Noise from members of moon climb the wall, and doomstar!


3:40 – 3:45PM: Baby Names

of Boston, MA. ex-Mittens, Andy Menudo, JP Celebrity. Stand-Up Guy, Sit-Down Comedian. He’s got you singin along!


3:35 – 3:40: Melissa Huser

of Boston, MA. Dance of Melissa Huser! Local JP wondrous, sometimes accompanied by the live music of Prince Rama.

3:30 – 3:35: POM TEDDY

of Boston. Casey Rocheteau / Morgan Shaker duo. Workers of Whitehaus, French Cops, Peace,Loving etc…


3:25 – 3:30: Guess

of Minneapolis, MN. Rumor has it Adny will be performing w/ a large dog cage and pounds of vinyl suiting. ex- bipenal octopus.


3:20 – 3:25: ILLLICH

of Boston, MA. AKA FOOM, Baab Ceegur, Traffic Ent. Released on the great RRR label, complete local legend in very rare solo appearance performing w/ guitars and turntables.

3:15 – 3:20: NOT ART

of Cambridge, MA. Infamous conceptual graffiti / video / sound collective. Our local hero weirdos will surely be up to something unexpected.


3:10 – 3:15PM: Alien Moon Partnership

of Boston, MA via Pennsylvania. Mind and body bending suspense and humor oriented performance art from Anthony Privitera, SMFA student, and housemate at the famous Muthership collective in JP.

It is a miracle you are standing here from Alien Moon Partnership on Vimeo.


3:05 – 3:10PM: Dinners

of Boston, MA. Jimmy of Breakfast of Champs, Whitehaus Family Record, Turtle Ambulance, and many a bluegrass holler session. The scientist will be whipping up display of spinning lights and sounds for you to dine upon!


3:00 – 3:05PM: Peace, Loving

of Boston, MA: ‘Peace, Loving’ is a New England experiential sound-sculpture + movement-”jazz” band. ‘Peace, Loving’ has composed and performed for aromatics, dances for handheld cassette players; worked as set designers, video artists, performance poets, instrument builders, venue/label operators, promoters, gardeners, cheesemongers etc. They have been known to rotate cast in order to perform and tour as often as possible.


of Boston, MA: Metal & Glass Ensemble is a Boston-based improvisational group with a rotating membership who create acoustic drone-based music with bowed cymbals and other metal objects, and glasses tuned to a just-intoned 23-note octave.


of Dennisport, MA: Shane Myrbeck is an acoustics consultant with Arup in San Francisco. While at Arup, he has worked on a wide variety of projects addressing sound in both the built and natural environments. Such projects could involve qualitative room acoustics, noise/vibration control, audiovisual systems design, and design of soundscapes and sound art installations. Before joining Arup, he worked as a freelance recording engineer in Boston, where he was a co-founder/artist with the Whitehaus Family Record, a performing arts collaborative there. Shane has an MS in acoustics from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.
Shane co-leads the TenderNoise project.

Emily Shisko: of Long Beach, California (bio soon)