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9/14 Jamaica Plain, MA – The Whitehaus
w/ Ambitious Tugboat, Mega Bog & iji

9/15 Allston, MA – Gay Gardens
w/ Magic Magic, The Points North, Shai

9/16 North Hampton, MA – The Fly Wheel
w/ Emma N. Young & Poetry

9/17 Tivoli, NY – Bard College
w/ The Great Valley

9/18 Brooklyn, NY – Silent Barn
w/ The Great Valley, Liquid Days, The Wailing Wall & The Horses Mouth

9/19 Philly, PA – Bodega
w/ Emma N. Young & Poetry

9/20 Greenville, NC – Tipsy Tea Pot

9/21 Asheville, NC – BoBo Gallery
w/ Emma N. Young

9/22 Columbus, OH – Monster House
w/ Emma N. Young, James Payne, Time and Temperature & What Gives

9/23 Cleveland, OH – Menstrual Mansion
1834 W. 45th ST.

9/24 Champlain, IL
w/ Teaadora

9/25 Normal, IL – BABE // RAGE -709 Kingsley St.
w/ Teaadora

9/26 Chicago, IL – Ball Hall
w/ Teaadorra

9/27 Lincoln, NE – Cultiva Cafe
w/ Little Teeth

9/28 Denver, CO – s00kr33m’s

9/29 Salt Lake City, UT – Brigantine
w/ Prince Polo and Snow Lion

9/30 Nevada City, CA
w/ John Deux

10/2 Oakland, CA
w/ Selaroda

10/3 Shane & Emily’s Wedding
w/ The Family

10/4Oakland, CA – Om Sweet Om
w/ Peace, Loving, Selaroda

10/5 Eugene, OR – Stonehenge – 2841 Central Blvd
w/ Peace, Loving

10/8 Olympia, WA – The Professors Lodge – 3605 Overhulse Rd.
w/ Peace, Loving, Light House

10/9 Seattle, WA – Blue Bird Ice Cream
w/ Peace, Loving, Mega Bog

10/10 Seattle, WA – Hollow Earth Radio
w/ Peace, Loving

10/13 Anacortes, WA – The Business
w/ Peace, Loving

10/14 Bellingham, WA – Hoot House
w/ Peace, Loving, Friendship & the Fawn

10/15 Vancouver, BC – Lions Den
w/ Peace, Loving

10/15 Vancouver, BC – Blim
w/ Peace, Loving, Friendship & the Fawn, Chris-a-rific & Unreliable Narrator

HERE is the face space event.

Below is a poster for the tour
Drawn & conceived by Shon Mahoney

New free single from tpn!

The Points North new single ‘We Have Opened Up!’ is out today as a FREE DOWNLOAD. The track is the group’s most beautiful and multi-levular so far. It was recorded to 1/2″ tape by Greg Sun at the deliciously echo-y (former church) Mayo Street Arts in Portland, Maine, as well as at Sunnyside in Jamaica Plain. This is the first TPN track to feature electric guitar, played beautifully by flutist Regina Peterson. Download/ listen at Grinding Tapes or listen on their myspace.


BLACK NASH is peter smith and friends.

1985- this guy was just added to the bill, I think this is the guy

“GENERIFUS started recording in 2005 and had its first show in Sept of that year. Since then still playing shows, recording music. Sometimes lofi-acoutsic, sometimes liquidy-delay-drenched, always mellow trip out and earthy sounds. A very spiritual music project. Influenced by the Pacific NW.”

“The three musicians huddled together closely towards the drum kit, the guitarist and bassist almost turning their backs to the audience while playing nimble, interlocking patterns. Meanwhile, the drummer would play slight variations on the same tightly wound, insistent oompah beat for almost every song, while singing in unison with the guitarist, in a very high and a very deep voice, respectively, and never quite harmonizing. Every song seemed to end in under two minutes, with another beginning almost instantly afterward, and the cycle seemed to repeat a couple dozen times during the band’s set. The most accessible tune out of the bunch featured an impenetrable chorus about actor Dennis Quaid. Musically, the closest reference point we can think of is the mutant bluegrass of the Meat Puppets’ earliest records. But even that comparison doesn’t quite do justice to the fact that the ART DEPARTMENT were one of the most inscrutable and idiosyncratic bands we’ve seen in a while.”-Al Shipley (The City Paper)

Of all the various band names that get tossed around the local music scene, “GUILLERMO SEXO” is arguably one of the more fun ones to say. Their vibrant sound, in the line of rhythm-heavy psychedelia, slinks sinuously around on the floor and then suddenly cracks like a Day-Glo bullwhip, leaving neon paint spatters on the walls that won’t soon wash off. Their sound is artistic without being artsy, and they show no signs of slowing down or giving up. “Guillermo Sexo” is as fun to hear as it is to say—North East Performer


Below is a list for the fall
it would be nice to see you.

Stay tuned for all information.
Shows added daily.

* = booked
++ = w/ Peace, Loving

9/14 Jamaica Plain, MA – The Whitehaus*
w/ The Cups, Ambitious Tugboat, Mega Bog & iji

9/15 Allston, MA – Gay Gardens*
w/ The Cups, The Needy Visions, The Points North

9/16 North Hampton, MA – The Fly Wheel*
w/ Emma N. Young & TBA

9/17 Tivoli, NY – Bard College*
w/ The Great Valley

9/18 Brooklyn, NY – Silent Barn*
w/ The Great Valley

9/19 Philly, PA – Bodega*
w/ Emma N. Young & TBA

9/20 Greenville, NC – Tipsy Tea Pot*

9/21 Asheville, NC – BoBo Gallery*

9/22 Columbus, OH – Monster House*

9/23 Cleveland, OH – Menstrual Mansion*

9/24 TBA, IL

9/25 Bloomington, IL – Maison Fause*
w/ Teaadora

9/26 Chicago, IL – Ball Hall*
w/ Teaadorra

9/27 Lincoln, NE – Cultiva Cafe*
w/ Little Teeth

9/28 DenveR, CO – s00kr33m’s*


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Nevada City, CA*
w/ John Deux

10/1 Berkeley / SF, CA

10/2 Oakland, CA*

10/3 Shane & Emily’s Wedding* ++
w/ The Family

10/4Oakland, CA – Om Sweet Om* ++
w/ Selaroda

10/5 Eugene, OR – Stonehenge* ++

10/6 Portland, OR ++

10/7 Portland, OR / Olympia, WA ++

10/8 Olympia, WA – The Professors Lodge* ++
w/ Light House

10/9 Seattle, WA – Blue Bird Ice Cream*++

10/10 Seattle, WA – Hollow Earth Radio*++

10/13 Anacortes, WA – The Business* ++

10/14 Bellingham, WA – Hoot House* ++
w/ Friendship & the Fawn

10/15 Vancouver, BC – Lions Den* ++

10/15 Vancouver, BC – Blim* ++

10/17 Vancouver, BC – The Precipice* ++
w/ Unreliable Narrator


hey this is still happening
to hear some great radio!

Enormous Show

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Sunrise Service Lineup Announced!

On Saturday August Twenty First at Six AM, the morning after Weirdstalk, Too

“Sunrise Service” will begin next door to the Temple, at the Whitehaus, with your friends:

the Points North

Gracious Calamity

Matt Fox

abram Taber


the Woodrow Wilsons

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>You can stay up late/wake up early<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<