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WFR Officially Seeking Intern

We wanna get so high in 2009 … Our eyes are fixed on the sky unwavering. We are looking for the perfect person to tie up loose ends and propel us head first into superstardom.

Could It Be You?

Duties will involve publicity, broduction, inventory, graphic design, playing music, set design, coming up with big ideas, and anything else that you can do to help us be more awesome.

Get In Early – Make It Big

If interested please tell us why at


if you’re here, then you know that is LIVE with its new wordpress power!

but did you know that you can purchase the Whitehaus Family Sampler, Vol 2. for the low low price of $5 HERE at the Whitehaus Family Record Store?

It’s true. Click the picture.

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Red featuring Many Mansions

Red featuring Many Mansions

WFR012: Many Mansions: Holy Mountain Life Adventure Club (CD-R)

The album recorded during the historic Many Mansions Northwest States life adventure. Shane returned to the Whitehaus with this album and we all listened at the first Whitehaus Thanksgiving. The power of pacific coast mountains and forests loom. Spooky shamanic children, tender lullabyes, third eye cats of drone, ginger lentils w/ your bliss. Get lost in rabbit holes of sound and find your way home with sounds of folk hymns and community celebration. Includes tracks ‘Sun (Son)’, ‘Clouds’, ‘Wearer of Masks’, ‘Ghost Dance’, ‘Thank You’, ‘Fingers’, ‘Something’, ‘Gentle Soul’, ‘Untitled’, and ‘Farewell’.

Released as a CD-R in chipboard sleeve with photocopied art by Many Mansions. Earlier editions with CD printing. approx 200 made.

Stream / Download the album at

WFR011: The Meadowlarks/Gringos Split (CD-R)

The Meadlowarks under the direction of B. Law made this split with the Ruinous Gringos of Macchu Piccu on a cold winter day when Whitehaus was without heat. Includes 4-track versions of B. Law’s hits ‘3rd Person Omniscient’, ‘Back to School’, and ‘Dinosaurs’. Early pro-studio recordings from The Gringos in 2005 with ‘A Cowboy Toast’ and ‘San Diego’. As well as a bonus tune, ‘Joy Bag’ from atomfoam’s ‘ARKMF’.

Cover drawn by B. Law, back cover designed by Morgan Shaker and glued to chipboard sleeve. approx 12 made.

Stream / download the album at

WFR010: Lindsay Clark: Thistles (CD-R)

A country classic – limited handmade edition. Skinny dipping in some pond you’ve never been to, the bugs sound strange. Someone’s cooking bacon on the fire. What a pretty table cloth! A mass of cedar waxwings attacking highbush cranberries, through big speakers. I am hungry, and then I am not. Transmissions from New England’s apple orchards, sleeping when you talk. Songs, an instrument, a voice, and a moving life covering mountains, prairie, and both of America’s coasts. Character that is real.

Released as a CD-R in chipboard sleeve with photo-transfer thistle and hand-penned by Lindsay Clark. approx 50 made.

WFR009: The Whitehaus Family Sampler, Vol. 1 (CD-R)

Assembled by atomfoam and Many Mansions after MM’s return from months on the west coast and released around the holiday season of 2007. The first sampler from the Whitehaus Family Record features The Popsicles, Debbie & the Bullets, The Cups, The Woodrow Wilsons, Kettle Stitches, Brian S. Ellis, Lindsay Clark, Jake E, atomfoam, and Many Mansions. Plus Greg Moon and Jon Deuce’s tracks from the ‘Wake Up! EP! and a family version of the hoot-hit ‘Raspberry Crossing’.

Released on CD-R in chipboard sleeve. Cover designed by Greta Merrick, printed in black and white on multiple paper colors. Original CD-Rs have printed colored text that match the color of the cover. approx 200 made.

Stream / download the album for free on

WFR008: The Whitehaus Family Wake Up EP (CD-R)

WAKE UP! 4 Tracks recorded by a giant group of friends and family one saturday morning at the Whitehaus. Featuring traveling word spinstrels “Solomon Sparrow’s Electric Whale Elephant Engine Revival”! Appearing on this record are Whitehaus classics: ‘Don’t Jam Me Up’, ‘Restless in Heaven’ (some of the only songs every written by Brian S. Ellis!), “Don’t Cry Mama” (the only recorded work by original treemauser Jon Duece), and “Mountain Steep” (a balls-out blues-jam with longtime-mauser Greg ‘Moon’ Mullen).

Released on CD-R in chipboard sleeve in edition of 10 or so with all unique hand-drawn covers. A few later editions included bonus tracks by Charles River Trout Company, and ‘On My 30th Birthday’.

Stream / Download the album for free on

WFR007: Shane Don and The Field of Light: The Many and The One (CD-R)

After releasing Many Mansions 1, Many Mansions 2, and Many Mansions 3 pre-W.F.R, Shane makes his first release on Whitehaus an album showing his guitar-playing/songwriting side. But peel your eyes, cause this burger’s rare, only 20 copies ever released. Tune into one-man Mantra healing, philosophical spinnings, anthemic familial celebrations, toe-tappers, and truly trippy ‘tribal lunacy’. Shane shows off his more rarely seen anti-folk rooted humor and is revealed to be an eternal entertainer. Recorded in Many Mansion’s / Brian S. Ellis’ shared bedroom and other locations of The Whitehaus and using many of the fine voices of the ’07 hoot crew.

Released on CD-R in chipboard sleeve with photocopied art by Many Mansions. approx 20 made.

Stream / Download the album for free at

WFR006: OhOhMints OG Hide& Seek Mixtape

Moon Bros and Sun Bros plus a hunky teenager play night infiltration in the West Yarmouth DPW before it was turned into a parking lot for local firemen. Concrete septic tanks and scrub pines along a dirt path provide shelter from the long arm of DLoo. Duck behind a spool of industrial cable or tag and you’re out! Are you tough enough to survive? Are you bored enough to show up? This record features several guest appearances from some of the Mid-Cape’s brightest stars like: Bobby Jr, a Rubber Dickie, Terrance Metcalf, Bo Jackson, Goo Trial & Slug Wang, LSD, Community College, who is Bo Jackson?, Merman, ALP and more. Don’t wait! This album is only available at 57 Town Brook road from 1999 to late 2000.