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WFR032: Morgan Shaker: Voila, Spelt Wheat Plus Zephyr (CD-R)

This classic Morgan Shaker record was pressed as a limited series of < 10 that were lovingly distributed throughout New England during Wintour 2008. If you have one, you were there. To all M-Shakes heads: Dig Deep for this one, maybe the most rare of them all. Released on CD-R in chipboard sleeve with neon artwork by Morgan Shaker. Stream / Download the album for free at

WFR031: Gracious Calamity: Rabbit Rabbit EP (CD-R)

Rabbit Rabbit is a homemade confection blooming with giddiness. This five song EP is composed of various recordings from bedrooms in the Whitehaus and one track live from the Advent Church Library in Beacon Hill. Kate Lee and Kit Wallach’s complementary vocals reverberate with strength and dignity, joining a chorus of benevolent guitar, bobbling ukulele and ringing xylophone. These simple euphonies give one a fuzzy feeling that matches the fuzz of the homespun lo-fi recordings.

Released on CD-R in chipboard sleeve with bunny artwork designed by Kate Lee.

Stream / Download the album for free on

WFR030: The Whitehaus Family Sampler, Vol. 2 (CD-R)

Hang on to your sled for this sampler compiled for Wintour 2008. You start at the first classic-rock chords of Morgan Shaker’s “SCILA,” slip and swerve through Many Mansions’ “Big White House,” Gracious Calamity’s “Song That Grows Like A Vine,” stop for a drink of water at the Meadowlarks’ “First Person Omniscient,” float away into interdimensional space with Casey Rocheteau on “Beings of Sound,” and land on your feet face to face with Shira E. for “Mouth Jam.” It’s a trip, it’s a treasure. Feel the sound.

Released on CD-R in chipboard sleeve. Two versions were released with different artwork. First pressing featured a tree-stump and leaves images designed by Greg Sun in concert with the poster for the New England Wintour, the first Whitehaus group tour. The second pressing featured a color photo of the Unfreakable printed by Michael Collins.

Stream / Download the album for free at

WFR029: Peace, Loving: Live ’08 (tape)

The four tracks from Peace, Loving’s previous CD-R release ‘The Shape of Jazz to Come’ plus 2 bonus tracks of the Brian S. Ellis driven ’94 Ford Taurus’ and ‘Touronto’ tracks collaged from live recordings from on tour in Toronto, ON. All tracks recorded live in 2008 at: First Church Jamaica Plain, Mass Art Squash Courts, The Points North Kitchen, and Tranzac Club Toronto.

C30 with water colored covers. Edition of 30.

WFR028: Peace, Loving: The Shape of Jazz to Come (CD-R)

Collage recordings of Peace, Loving’s first live performances. Tracks include the Brian Ellis poem ‘Decade’, Arkm’s anthemic ‘Untitled Banjo’, the very first ‘Chimax’, and the Morgan Shaker original ‘Build a Bomb’. Recordings sourced from holy locations such as the First Church in Jamaica Plain, The Points North Kitchen in Roslindale, and the Mass Art Squash Courts. Collaged together on a 4-Track by Arkm Foam at the Whitehaus.

Released as a CD-R in chipboard sleeve with ripped up computer print outs of Ornette Coleman’s ‘Shape of Jazz To Come’, and a photograph of early apartment art. Edition of 12.

WFR027: Casey Rocheteau: Pump Your Concrete (Oh Word the Album) (CD-R)

An adventure through time, spa c e, and sound. Poetry, tape collage, jams from a saloon in the 1800s, knowledge, facts, mystique. All straight to your mind from the mouth of the newest new American poet. Oh word. Casey will teach you lessons, make you think more than twice, and have you listening over and over again salivating over poetic tidbits and humor driven stories of war with love. Plus a buncha funky reggae tracks starring in-haus groovers and noisers. This album is chock full, busting at the seams, and worth spending a life time with.

Released on CD-R in chipboard sleeve with color copied artwork by Gianna Rodriguez. Some Black and White copies exist as

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well. Approx 100 total released.

Stream / Download the album at

WFR026: The Woodrow Wilsons: According to the Seasonal Tilt of the Earth (CD-R)

A lovely masterpiece of sound and song by the premier yes-wave jammers. Hear your favorite smart-rock ‘Dros jams plus surprises abound. Awesome fidelity shifting, lush orchestration, and top quality songwriting/performance all found here. Sink into velvety vocals, then spin away on the tails of burning ukelele solos. ‘Dog Song’, ‘Night From Leavin’, ‘Airport Song’, ‘Stone’, ‘13.7 Billion Years’, ‘Bad Chemicals’, ‘Like a Ball Bearing’, ‘New Year’, and more! Everything is perfect. Permanently mount this in your discman and be anywhere. Yes.

First edition released with color screenprinted artwork by the Woodrow Wilsons, Second edition black and white stamp image. Approx 100 in total?

Stream / Download the album for free at

WFR025: Truman Peyote: Catalog 1/14-5/12 (CD-R)

Thumpin beats and dizzying electronic samples by Boston’s youthful electronics trio, when they were still any of those things. But TP is still the hardest working-out group in show business, and this albums got sophistication written all over it. Well crafted club bumpers and electricity storms soak right through to your skin and you never want to dry off. Truly original music. Keep this on rotation, hope you got one, ’cause Truman Peyote will without a doubt be in the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame before you blink. First of three Truman albums to be released on Whitehaus Family Record. We love these guys!

Released on CD-R with photocopied artwork by Truman Peyote. CDs were spray painted in psychedelic array. Edition of approx 50.

Stream / Download the album for free at

WFR024: atomfoam: best of atomfoam/ARKMF (CD-R)

A double disc containing a rerelease of Foam’s first Whitehaus album ‘ARKMF’ (WFR015), as well as a bonus disc comprised of a ‘best of’ Foam’s home recordings over the past 10 years. Best of bonus disc contains: Uncle Ball Bearings, Sniff Funny in 3 Movements, Honk on the Drum, Music for Sonic Mobile, Guitar Quartet, Beetles of Noise, City Life, Microcassette Tape, and other 4-track tidbits. Wacky music for people who really need it, made by people who really are it.

First edition has photo copy covers of things from Foam’s desk drawer (edition of 30). Second edition has covers hand stamp-collaged by Arkm Foam (edition of 50). Both appear as a double CD-R in gatefold chipboard sleeves.

WFR023: Kate Lee and the Opposites Attract: Whatever Whatever (tape / CD-R)

The first and only solo album to date by the talented Kate Lee (of Gracious Calamity, Life Adventure, Peace,Loving, and many more!). Whatever Whatever is a visual collage of sound waves. It was born in the center of a mound of dough, kneaded into form by knuckles and elbows. Risen by the sun, baked by the sun. The smell is of yeast happily gobbling the sugars around itself. The sound is of gliadin and glutenin dancing their magic dance and assembling themselves orderly into graphs. but don’t take my word for it,

First edition tapes were released in a series of 5 with handmade collage artwork by Kate Lee. Second edition tapes were released in jean fabric cases with screenprinted virus art by Kate Lee. CDRs were released in chipboard sleeve with virus artwork by Kate Lee watercolored by Kate + others

Stream / Download the album for free at