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Readings from the North Georgia Gazette of 1821 @ the Whitehaus this Friday

THIS FRIDAY @ 8PM – The Whitehaus is proud to present an evening celebrating the release of a legendary historical document ….    an evening which will include performances by Marconi, Artchikent and Casey Rocheteau. Read below for more information!

the north georgia gazette of 1821

>>>The North Georgia Gazette of 1821<<<

The Green Lantern Press ( is celebrating the release of its new (old stock) book The North Georgia Gazette of 1821. What is it? It’s frikkin’ awesome is what it is:

The new edition of The North Georgia Gazette is a reinterpretation of an old manuscripts, originally printed in 1821. When trapped in the arctic circle, a fleet of English sailors began to write a newspaper. The Green Lantern Press is proud to announce a reprint of that manuscript, as well as an excerpt from the Captain’s journal, annotations of a contemporary transcriber (Lily Robert-Foley), an essay about contemporary arctic exploration by John Huston, and orignal art work by Deb Sokolow, Daniel Anhorn, Jason Dunda and Rebecca Grady. Screen Print artist (Sonnenzimmer) and musician Nick Butcher will screen print the covers of this edition of 250 and press a seven inch for the book.

We’ll be at AS220 that Sunday for a big gallery show featuring paintings from the book and beyond. That will be awesome as well. Here’s the kind of text you’ll be getting into:

MR. EDITOR, THOUGH I have not the pleasure of your personal acquaintance, yet the favor- able impression I have received of your humanity when you interfered to save me from the tonsorial operation recommended by Philosophicus, emboldens me to apply to you for advice in a case where not only my hair, but skin, carcass and all are in danger, amidst the horrors of Winter, of being reduced to ashes.

You must know, then, Sir, that a certain gentleman (whom I will not describe to you as a sedate looking sort of man, with a thin face, and so on, be- cause that might seem to result from ill-nature),—this gentleman I say, Sir, takes particular delight, when I am sleeping before the fire, in putting a hot cinder under my thigh, and then laughs most heartily to see me run away, holding it fast, from the sense of pain, until I am fully awake. Now, Sir, I have endured this and similar tricks for some time, and, though often meditating retaliation, I dare not execute it, as the result of biting his legs, besides perhaps breaking my teeth against the bones, would be banishment from the fire-side, and I would submit to any indignity rather than forfeit so great an advantage.

I dare say you participate somewhat in my feelings; but to put the case more strongly, suppose, Mr. Editor, some wight, when you were sunk in sound repose, should clap a hot coal under you! Now, this was just my case the other night; and, as I am a poor helpless innocent, if you can inform me how I can obtain revenge, consistently with my interest, or escape the future persecution of my tormentor, you will confer a deep obligation on

Not awesome enough for you? How about this?
On Thursday evening the officers of the Expedition performed the farce of Bon Ton, or High Life above Stairs. It happened unfortunately that the weather, which promised fair in the morning became inclement in the afternoon, and continued so much so during the performance, as materially to inconvenience the performers, and to lessen the gratification which the audience would other- wise have received from their exertions.
We are informed that the thermometer was at twelve degrees below zero on the stage, a degree of cold ill suited to the dresses of the fair sex especially.
Whilst on the subject of our theatrical entertainments, we beg leave to return our thanks to the contributor of the first article of the present number. We are persuaded that many of our readers will join with us, in the hope that its subject will not be deemed beneath the consideration of the stage management.

Here’s some reviews for the Gazette:

also 10/28…

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BAD NEWS! Prince Rama’s van was broken into and all their equipment stolen. stay tuned for information on a benefit show here in Boston. below, in their own words…..

Tuesday, October 20, 2009
sad news–
our van was broken into today in philly
and ALL our equipment and merchandise has been stolen.
it is looking as though we may have to
cancel the rest of our US tour.

we are trying to be as proactive as possible
about pursuing all possible solutions // ways of trying to
re-coop some of our losses,
and are accepting any ideas // suggestions
about where to go from here, as we can’t
play any more shows until we can get some of this back.

If any one has any used equipment you’d like
to donate or sell to us cheaply, we are definitely in need of any
guitars, amps, pedals, synths, keyboards, drums… you name it.

we were thinking of maybe organizing
a few benefit shows, so anyone who might
be interested in playing, by all means contact us
and we’d love to work something out.

at any rate, we set up a donations fund,
so if you feel moved to donate anything, even a buck,
ANYTHING would help at this point.

we are so grateful to everyone that has been
so kind to us on tour… its been truly amazing so far,
and we just feel really thankful to all of you for
sharing such love and inspiration with us.

taraka, nimai, michael

whitehaus/treehaus hoots celebrate 3 year anniversary

Friday October 23rd we are having a hoot to celebrate the 3 year anniversary of treehaus/whitehaus hoots. It is also the return of Manners and Brian S. Ellis from their world tour. Expo ’70 of Kansas City, MO will be the featured act of the night! Starts at hoot o’clock.

ambitious tugboat live @ the midway 10/09/09

it was my birthday…
i didn’t make it to the show…
the fish sandwich at the galway house was really great…
thanks to shane don for buying the beer…
i had coleslaw, he had fries…
i wanted to see tugboat and glamhammer at the midway…
there was a soxs playoff game,
we waited a long time at the galway,
next time!

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happy for this video.
god bless the tugboat, john lennon, avi jacob, and dick heaven.
peace, love,
adam. <3

I am with you.

his beard is inspirational
with street cred/knowledge


yuckin’ up the

playing a few shows

we are going to see
will go with us.


(secret friday)
ask ask ask a hippie

a) yard sale (every body is always leaving)
b) pm major dance party?

wfr choir practice

at Mass Art