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WFR085: Libras Of Sound (Tape)

Libras of Sound are long-time Hausers and Peace, Loving buddies Greg Sun and Arkm Foam joining together for acoustic free-sound percussive play. This tape was recorded over a weekend of jams in Foam’s room late summer 2012. Distorted, effected feedback and pickup bouncing, micro sound bell and hand drum jams, peaceful offerings, and folk flavorings, unafraid showings of nautical roots.

Edition of 5 so far, but find Foam and he might dub you copy. Ripped paper bag covers with sharpied labels and handwritten pencil insert.

WFR084: Gracious Calamity: Live in America (Tape / CD-R / Digital)

Gracious Calamity tape compiled / chopped / screwed from live recordings from 2009-2012. Assembled for Summer 2012 tour w/ Murderboats. All The Hits!!! Maybe you were there too? The Pearl in Pittsburg? Handsome John’s Roadside Saloon in Nevada City? The Whitehaus in JP? All across this great land we <3 <3 <3 Released as a tape (edition of 60) and CD-R (edition of 100) with artwork designed and printed by Gracious Calamity. Stream / Download at

WFR083: Con Tex / Dinners: Magik Meal (Tape / Digital)

A complimentary collection from the forces of the Whitehaus third floor come together for a tape to celebrate their Summer 2012 Magic Meal Tour. Con Tex explores the outer limits of the inner cosmos through the medium of understated songwriting experiments on Nu Magik, while Dinners’ 10-Course Meal is a longform experiment in the scientific possibilities of sound divided into smaller snacks to satisfy your audiodietary needs.

Released on cassette with artwork designed by Dinners and Con Tex and screenprinted by Jess Robinson. (Edition of 50)

Stream / Download Con Tex’s side on Bandcamp
Stream / Download

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Dinners’ side on Soundcloud

WFR082: Chris North: Near Far All We Are (10″ Vinyl)

Chris North’s Near Fall All We Are features lush recordings by the Chris North band and remixes by Many Mansions and Animal Hospital. The songs are dreamy cross-continental meditations on distance and love with Chris’ trademark earnest hopefulness providing the guiding light through the hazy, expansive landscape of sound he’s created. The remixes add an inner focus that lets the listener explore the levels of subconscious depth expressed in the songs. A truly comprehensive listening experience!

Released in edition of 100 on 10″ Vinyl Record with artwork by Chris North.

Stream / Download now:


WFR081: Rick Berlin w/ the Nickel and Dime Band – Always On Insane (CD-R)

Rick Berlin’s 15th release, “Always On Insane,” is a rock and roll album in the tradition and spirit of J. Geil’s “Sanctuary,” David Bowie’s “Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders from Mars,” Dr. Dog’s “Easy Beat,” Bruce Springsteen’s “The River,” and The Rolling Stones’ “Exile on Main Street.”

With The Nickel and Dime Band, Boston’s best live karaoke band, Rick recorded “Always On Insane” at Dimension Sound in Jamaica Plain in Boston, Massachusetts. Instruments included three guitars, bass, keys, kit, sax, trombone. The band members are Jesse Adams-Lukowsky, Tom Appleman, Sam Dudley (Berlin’s nephew), Dino Govoni, Ricky Mclean, Rob Manochio, and Al Radzikowski. They’re a kick ass, upbeat, funny, danceable, deep, crazy and total pro buncha musicians.

Released on CD with artwork designed by the band.

Stream / Download at

WFR080: The Craters – Velcro (Digital)

The Craters started as an AOL chatroom sleepover on Valentine’s day, maturing comfortably into OCD crisis. Known mostly for the Allston prime’s post-prod. post-90’s mac mic guitar rawk. Since crossing the highway to JP it’s all sunburnt synth collage level-bending beat-breaking ambience. Guaranteed: boy band hooks + headphone candy, short tracks, high density per second content made for airheads by airheads.

Released digitally via

Stream / Download at

WFR079: Crowley Ladin / Arkm Foam (split tape)

Cool split tape before the bros started bangin. Crowley Ladin’s unedited improv of macro-amplified room sound and vocal mumblings titled ‘Sunglassed w/ Josh Rymp’ recorded in the Whitehaus 10th bedroom. Paired with Arkm Foam’s aptly titled collection, ‘What I’ve Been Working on; Winter 2012″, experiments with frequencies generated from electro-acoustic instruments.

Edition of roughly 25. Collaborative collaged photocopy cover

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art. Recycled Tapes.

WFR078: The Woodrow Wilsons – Devil Jonah (CD-R)

The second album

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from the favorite band of all American presidents. You know these guys don’t cheap on production.

Released on CD-R with stitched canvas covers with artwork designed and screenprinted by the Woodrow Wilsons.

Stream / Download at

WFR077: WFRFRvol2 : Are You In Paradise? (LP)

I can no longer prolong the greatest moment of my life. I cannot afford to be afraid of the long silence. Of the after after. The people that populate my bedroom have become too real. My option is every door, every sun and mountain of night. Our options are in people. Honest voices are doors. I have stopped trying to control the narrative. To prescribe the reality of self. Not sleep until ending. Not sleep until climax. I am awake now. I am awake now. I will stop trying to wake up and I will walk out the door and I will see in a way that listens. This moment will be a kingdom of yes simply in the naming. It was always a choice. It was always a way of seeing. I am in Paradise.

Released on 12″ Vinyl LP with artwork by Lenora Symczak (front cover) and Morgan Shaker (back cover). 500 copies were pressed.

Stream / Download on

WFR076: Chris North – Lovedream (LP)

“…these aren’t coyly affectionate songs, these are jubilant hymns to the ecstatic, revelatory state of love […] For me, it sounds like a high-up window letting in sounds from heaven which inspires reverence now.”

– Independent Clauses

Released as 12″ hand numbered black vinyl in a run of 100, in screen printed recycled cardboard sleeve with Lindsay Metivier photograph affixed.

Stream / Download the album at