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WFR047: Casey Rocheteau: Chiaroscuro (Tape / CD-R)

Chiaroscuro is a dreamscape Casey built out of words, beats, and the Shangri-las. She assembled it in the late night, in the dark, surrounded by bird’s nests and watching all the things in her mind spinning and moving. 10 copies dubbed in June 2009. Super Rare.

Released as a CD-R in chipboard sleeve and casette tape with photocopied drawings by Lenora Symczak.

WFR046: Truman Peyote: Light-Lightning (CD-R)

“Truman Peyote is an astonishing mix of primitivist clattering and modern electronic twerks. It sounds like a Martian tribe emulating pygmy music, or ghostly reverberations from a dancefloor in the future.” The Weekly Dig
“New Wife, New Life” featured on

Released as a CD-R in plastic sleeve with photocopied art by Truman Peyote

Stream / Download Light-Lightning for free on

WFR045: Blast of atomfoam (CD-R)

have you ever woken up to the smell of a smoking gun? have you ever laughed in the face some of somebody laughing at you? be not supervised while listening. take the risk into your own hands. be somebody or be somebody’s fool. if you’re not now, you never were. “the past and the future are really not all that different.” – brian s. ellis (kind of like kerouac)

WFR044: Greg Sun / Chris North – Two Voices at the End of Winter (CD-R)

Grab a cup of mead, some energy crystals and huddle up next to your favorite goat for this festival of somber merriment. Two Voices is the finest coalescence of astral rock and renaissance folk by two modern day bards, Greg Sun (Manners) and Chris North (The Points North). This poppy lo-fi carousel weaves acoustic guitars through a meadow of instruments including flute, accordion, violin and cello, wrapping it all up nicely with magnetic tape at varying speeds.

Released on CD-R in chipboard sleeves with artwork by Greg Sun and Lenora Symczak

Stream / Download Chris North’s side at Bandcamp

WFR043: Greg Sun / atomfoam – Crops (tape)

Crops is a recycling bin that splices together bits of music, spoken word, poetry from Brian S. Ellis and songs of Manners and Atomfoam. Sometimes tense and cacophonous, other times sparse and symphonious, this tape was made to

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be listened to with headphones – so grab your walkman and go.

Released on cassette tape with artwork by Greg Sun

WFR041: Anna Fox Rochinski – s/t (CD-R)

Anna is a Boston native who enjoys singing to the top of the stratosphere and writing songs on the guitar, ukulele, banjo, piano, and whatever weird or broken instruments she finds in the attic or gutter. Peep the solo Whitehaus release from the frontwoman of QUILT!

Released on CD-R in chipboard sleeves with artwork by Anna Fox Rochinski

WFR040: April Ranger: Like Canvas (CD-R)

April Ranger has the entire Boston poetry scene under her spell with her blend of literate, heartfelt, and oftentimes hilarious writing. In the words of Steve Subrizi: “She really knows when to stomp the distortion petal and when to go acoustic and let the words do the work.”

Released on CD-R in chipboard sleeve with photocopied artwork by Brian S. Ellis and April Ranger.