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WFR038: Peace, Loving: LIVE (CD-R)

much like the first thanksgiving. grab a chunk of this, some cornbread, a turkey leg, cranberry sauce. yum! live recordings from the ‘peace, loving’ band. get together with your bud, give it a spin, see where it takes you. see where it has taken others before you. untitled banjos, chimaxes, smell-0-vision, anthems for a simple pilgrim.

WFR036: Prince Rama of Ayodhya: Threshold Dances (CD-R)

The influence of Prince Rama of Ayodhya stretches far and wide, curls around you, and brings you back to the present. In the sonic arms of Taraka, Michael, and Nimai, you are safe in the humanity of your existence, and you can travel with them to other dimensions with the coyotes and jingle-jangles.

Released on CD-R in screenprinted manila envelopes with artwork designed and printed by Prince Rama of Ayodhya.

Stream / Download the album at

WFR035: Morgan Shaker: I Can See For Miles (CD-R)

You are falling down a dark corridor until you land with a puff in a bank of pure crystalline snow. Clutching your ice dagger and navigating with the warmth of your heart you set out on a hazy mystical journey to the cave of the Ice Queen, with destiny on your side and only the owls to protect you

This addition to the WFR recording catalogue should please all who are looking for an experimental fantasy in to the dark and mystical world of snow-fi. Clocking in at twenty seven minutes, this album was constructed with the use of tapes, a keyboard, a sampler, and electricity.

Released on CD-R with artwork designed by Morgan Shaker. Some copies had jewels affixed to the artwork.

Stream / Download this album for free at

WFR034: Many Mansions: Return to Source! (CD-R / tape)

The latest album from Many Mansions is dance oriented, blending the repetitiveness of trance, the feel-good vibrations of tropicalia and the mind-beinding aspects of psychedelia. Recorded in a shrimpin studio at Mass Art College by Asteroid M’s Brendan. You can hear it for free at Asteroid M Project – physical copies sold out for now.

Original CD-R pressings had psychedelic bubble image on the front. A cassette tape also came out with this artwork. Later pressings had artwork designed and screenprinted by Many Mansions

Stream / Download the album for free at

WFR033: Manners – Wintour EP (CD-R)

A limited edition EP compiled for December 2008’s Whitehaus Family Wintour. The opening songs crackle cavernously and drip with loitering melodies, sounding both massive and minimal. They affect one with all the dazzling captivation of fire without the burn or pain. The meditations that follow are earthen patterns sounding out in tireless reiteration, disguised as the lulling caress of silence.

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These noises fill headphones like the sway of trees or a popping campfire.

Released on CD-R in chipboard sleeve with artwork by Greg Sun.

Stream / Download the album for free at

WFR032: Morgan Shaker: Voila, Spelt Wheat Plus Zephyr (CD-R)

This classic Morgan Shaker record was pressed as a limited series of < 10 that were lovingly distributed throughout New England during Wintour 2008. If you have one, you were there. To all M-Shakes heads: Dig Deep for this one, maybe the most rare of them all. Released on CD-R in chipboard sleeve with neon artwork by Morgan Shaker. Stream / Download the album for free at

WFR031: Gracious Calamity: Rabbit Rabbit EP (CD-R)

Rabbit Rabbit is a homemade confection blooming with giddiness. This five song EP is composed of various recordings from bedrooms in the Whitehaus and one track live from the Advent Church Library in Beacon Hill. Kate Lee and Kit Wallach’s complementary vocals reverberate with strength and dignity, joining a chorus of benevolent guitar, bobbling ukulele and ringing xylophone. These simple euphonies give one a fuzzy feeling that matches the fuzz of the homespun lo-fi recordings.

Released on CD-R in chipboard sleeve with bunny artwork designed by Kate Lee.

Stream / Download the album for free on

WFR030: The Whitehaus Family Sampler, Vol. 2 (CD-R)

Hang on to your sled for this sampler compiled for Wintour 2008. You start at the first classic-rock chords of Morgan Shaker’s “SCILA,” slip and swerve through Many Mansions’ “Big White House,” Gracious Calamity’s “Song That Grows Like A Vine,” stop for a drink of water at the Meadowlarks’ “First Person Omniscient,” float away into interdimensional space with Casey Rocheteau on “Beings of Sound,” and land on your feet face to face with Shira E. for “Mouth Jam.” It’s a trip, it’s a treasure. Feel the sound.

Released on CD-R in chipboard sleeve. Two versions were released with different artwork. First pressing featured a tree-stump and leaves images designed by Greg Sun in concert with the poster for the New England Wintour, the first Whitehaus group tour. The second pressing featured a color photo of the Unfreakable printed by Michael Collins.

Stream / Download the album for free at

WFR029: Peace, Loving: Live ’08 (tape)

The four tracks from Peace, Loving’s previous CD-R release ‘The Shape of Jazz to Come’ plus 2 bonus tracks of the Brian S. Ellis driven ’94 Ford Taurus’ and ‘Touronto’ tracks collaged from live recordings from on tour in Toronto, ON. All tracks recorded live in 2008 at: First Church Jamaica Plain, Mass Art Squash Courts, The Points North Kitchen, and Tranzac Club Toronto.

C30 with water colored covers. Edition of 30.