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“Actually, what he really wants is for people to have fun, first and foremost himself. The title track to his fourth and most recent album “i get so drunk about songs about love” was recorded impromptu with friends after an afternoon of red wine. His friends began playing and he shouted “don’t stop!” and hit record, the lyrics crooned in ‘60s style falsetto and bass.”

MANNERS (New England)
“Sun, Winter Greg, Chris North tour drummer & GOLD Record Producer”
New songs? All the hits?

BABY NAMES (from Boston via AZ)
formerly “ANDY MENUDO”
A wintercamp favorite
Rap music for all

MAKE LOVE (Brooklyn via Vancouver)
“One half of Vancouver’s friendship & the fawn. Simplicity, but not simple. Grooves that groove and groove. Little and cavernous.”


CNDQ Residency starts tonite!

Tonite Chris North Dream Quartet introduces live music at Boston’s own Scottish Pub. CNDQ will be hosting each week playing two sets with lots of covers, special guests and different funshit each week. This week features north-of-the-river rockers Mount Peru. Morgan Shaker and the 420 Family Band will play next week, and everyone’s favorite Welcome Home on 4/27. Can’t wait.

“We Are Guest Talk, Free: $10″ interactive web site !


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“We are Guest Talk, Free: $10″ preliminary lineup announced

It might seem like summer is a million miles away, but it’s not. So GET READY FOR “We are Guest Talk, Free: $10″ which is happening on AUGUST 14, 2011 at the Cambridge YMCA theater. Oh yes. CLICK HERE FOR THE FACEBOOK EVENT. This year’s confirmed performers so far are Nautical Almanac (MD), Nat Baldwin, Unicorns in the Snow (MO), Solace Media Corporation Tourists (OH), Peace, Loving, Preggy Peggy and the Lazy Babymakers, Crank Sturgeon (ME), Greyskull, Metal and Glass Ensemble, Son of Salami (VT), Morgan Shaker, Cloud Becomes Your Hand (NY) and installation by Shane A. Myrbeck (SF). more to come!

Have you been to

If not, you should check it out.
The Whitehaus’ own best kept poetic secret has now become a clandestine organization on the internet… which means that it’s not clandestine, but whatever.
It’s still in the works, but look around, and let her (me) know what you think!

Casey Rocheteau, dot org.

She knows your mama didn’t raise no fools, so click it or a ticket.

Thanks Blastforth Cantabrigian Folks!

To whomever it may concern.  Thanks ever so sincerely for attending Blastfest.  It really meant a great deal to the performers and organizers of the event to see so many friendly faces about.  As you are all well aware, it really just came down to facilitating a space and place for everyone to be together.  Wonderful results come from great recipes and fine ingredients!  Thanks again!  Gracious, Calamity.


Utopia Can Have No Cost

Welcome to Spring Everyone, BlastFest 4 is nearly here. Tomorrow night, at the Central Square YMCA the Whitehaus Family will put on its fourth installment of our powerful annual event. Last year

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we saw a true flowering of what BlastFest could do. The show: an all day event, the zine fair, physical and visual elements swirling in a field of new ideas and new friends. But all things can and must change. This year, BlastFest is in a season of seeds. For the fourth we will have three hours of music & art & poetry, with lighting fast, ten-minute sets. This is a precision moment. We are accumulating and percolating. Raw substance is the theme of BlastFest 4.

The Whitehaus Family Record used to be the new crew in the Boston Overground Universe. Now the Culture-Culture is everywhere. Boston is cooler than ever thanks to the millions of explosive folks who decided to give more than they get. The decade is young, and the planet earth is a volatile place. We want to learn as much as we can while we can. Celebration is a teaching experience. We are a green sapling, excited about the browning, the expansion of rings. The Whitehaus is showing up to be accounted for alongside all of the other awesome organizations putting on shows, and giving people permission to live a life of light. So its starts at Seven in the evening tomorrow night, a super-charged celebration of the vernal equinox. We think that you have a lot of fun if you’d come.

The Show Is Free And So Are You.

WFR, 2011

show update/new w.f.r release for free download



things are great. i checked out michael and taraka’s sweet coyote and utopian artifacts exhibits at the smfa. i rode there on my bike with morgan shaker. after that i uploaded my record to kate and i have been uploading all the classic w.f.r releases there and soon they will all be available for free on i really wanted to write this post to let you know about a great show going on may 25th, that’s memorial day!, at charlies kitchen in harvard square. concord ballet orchestra players ( is playing and they’re in full cast, 9 members! sure to rock your mind! atomfoam (that’s me) will be performing with greg sun (that’s manners). we both live at the whitehaus and usually perform with peace, loving but morgan shaker is getting married and he’s really busy and can’t do the show. it should be a really special set with greg and i, we’re cooking up something fun! we’ve got practice tomorrow to start working the ideas out. also this band mind yeti is playing the show at charlie’s, they seem to have no web presence and i think that might be something to note in our day and age. the show starts at 9 and it’s just those three acts. if you want to double down on your burgers after grilling on memorial day, charlie’s is your spot.
while i’m here i wanted to give you the address of my new album where you can download the AIFF’s or listen to the mp3s in a convenient player.
just click that link! THE BLAST OF ATOMFOAM. WFR-045.
thanks and goodnight!