WFR101 – Whitehaus Family Sampler #3 CD-R


Whitehaus Sampler of Summer Jams for 2013. BUY THE Digital Download at our bandcamp page

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This hot new CD-R/Download will take you through the last 30 W.F.R releases as well debut tracks from albums you should keep your eyes peeled for. Brand new unreleased tracks from Free Pizza, Michael Collins, Chris North, Scott Stapp, Knight Howls, Myrbeck/Shisko, and Con Tex! Plus jammin contemporary classics from your favorites like Arkm Foam, Gracious Calamity, Rick Berlin, The Craters, Streight Angular, Gangsta Love, Thunderheart, Pancho The Kid, and way way more. . . Help us save enough money to make our next vinyl compilation where you must form a brand new band to participate, and buy this CD / Download today. Hit us up if you’re and audiophile that just needs lossless and we’ll hook that right up, but please dine on our buffet of the highest quality mp3s for your portable playing palate. Or be a CD-R collector like me and have us mail ya one! Probably comes with surprises. . .


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