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WFR025: Truman Peyote: Catalog 1/14-5/12 (CD-R)

Truman Peyote - Catalog

Thumpin beats and dizzying electronic samples by Boston’s youthful electronics trio, when they were still any of those things. But TP is still the hardest working-out group in show business, and this albums got sophistication written all over it. Well crafted club bumpers and electricity storms soak right through to your skin and you never want to dry off. Truly original music. Keep this on rotation, hope you got one, ’cause Truman Peyote will without a doubt be in the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame before you blink. First of three Truman albums to be released on Whitehaus Family Record. We love these guys!

Released on CD-R with photocopied artwork by Truman Peyote. CDs were spray painted in psychedelic array. Edition of approx 50.

Stream / Download the album for free at archive.org

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