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WFR030: The Whitehaus Family Sampler, Vol. 2 (CD-R)


Hang on to your sled for this sampler compiled for Wintour 2008. You start at the first classic-rock chords of Morgan Shaker’s “SCILA,” slip and swerve through Many Mansions’ “Big White House,” Gracious Calamity’s “Song That Grows Like A Vine,” stop for a drink of water at the Meadowlarks’ “First Person Omniscient,” float away into interdimensional space with Casey Rocheteau on “Beings of Sound,” and land on your feet face to face with Shira E. for “Mouth Jam.” It’s a trip, it’s a treasure. Feel the sound.

Released on CD-R in chipboard sleeve. Two versions were released with different artwork. First pressing featured a tree-stump and leaves images designed by Greg Sun in concert with the poster for the New England Wintour, the first Whitehaus group tour. The second pressing featured a color photo of the Unfreakable printed by Michael Collins.

Stream / Download the album for free at archive.org

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