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WFR038: Peace, Loving: LIVE (CD-R)


Peace, Loving crams this CD-R full. At least depending on what version you got. Most likely contains all the tracks from previous Peace, Loving releases (WFR028 + WFR029), and a whole lot more. A good lo-fi flavor of the early Peace, Loving years. 2008 members include Arkm Foam, Morgan Shaker, Brian S. Ellis, and Greg Sun. But disc also includes recordings from early 2009 where the band added Casey Rocheteau, Shane Donnelly, Sam Potrykus, Josh Caswell, and Evan Foudray. Recordings from Toronto’s Tranzac, Bard College, Whitehaus, Points North Kitchen, PA’s Lounge and lots more.

Released as a CD-R with different versions totaling less than 100 made.

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