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WFR039: Brian S. Ellis: I Wake Up EP (CD-R)


“I WAKE UP!” you’ve heard it a million times, or maybe never once yet! Get the blast from Whitehaus founding member and spastic slam poet Brian Stephen Ellis on his second Whitehaus CD-R release. Includes selections from Brian’s previous release (WFR016) such as Elegy For The Cassette Tape, Saturn’s Promises, Empty Parking Lots, Eleven to Seven, and 95. But also contains new recordings such as Shh, Open Letter to Boy’s Who Think That They’re Bigger Than Me, Falling off My Bicycle, The Janitor Poem, W E T, and a newer Self-Portrait. Bon Apetite! None of Brian’s albums are to be missed! How wonderful to hear that craggly neck bark like it’s coming out of the doghouse behind rattling chain link!

Released on CD-R in chipboard sleeves with sharpie + typewriter artwork by Brian S. Ellis.

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