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WFR091: Con Tex: Lush (CD-R)


The most fully-realized Con Tex release to date features the legendary noisemakers of Peace, Loving as the dream team backing band. Recorded in the Whitehaus Hoot Room in April 2012 and released the following December, the lush flow of psychedelic rock, country, and soul that gives the record its name masks an experimental undercurrent that rises above the surface at the most necessary moments just when you need it to carry you through the rapids. Lush follows a progression from a place of existential confusion in “Little Boy Lost” to a final hard-won self-affirmation in the closing “Down In Denver”, bringing the listener along on a psychedelic ride through the subconscious that engages all ends of the emotional, psychological, and spiritual spectrums. All in just five tracks!

Released on CD-R in chipboard sleeve. In an edition of 50, with art by Whitehauser Ronnie Nordac!

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