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WFR094: The Cups: Prize (tape)


90 releases later on the Whitehaus Family Record, The Cups finally follow up their 1st album ‘Sketchbook’ with a cassette release in an edition of only 2!!! Their 2nd release is aptly called ‘Prize’, and I can not think of a more prized tape one could have in their collection. These sleepy North-Shore born, now-Maine-livin bros, are practically retired and have kids and stuff, but are locally known as the best R&B song-crafters to ever inhabit J.P. Their musical outputs have slowed but the quality remains the highest order. Hopefully they will allow us to reissue this at some point but for now you just gotta stop by The Whitehaus and borrow the vault copy we had to purchase for $10. I wonder who bought the other one . . .

Released at Blastfest 5 in an edition of two cassettes. Artwork by Matt Ferral.

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