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WFR100: Treemausers 8 (paper zine)


Back before The Whitehaus, there was The Treehaus, and all it’s inhabitants referred to themselves as ‘Treemausers’. A Zine was started with that name using the collages, poetry, drawings, inside-jokes, pictures, hoot-memorabilia, comics, how-to’s, recipes, truths/lies from inside the Treehaus. Only the first three issues were made at The Treehaus, and the next 5 were made over 6 years at The Whitehaus. All were in the form of paper photocopy zines except ‘Treemausers 7′, which is a 3-hour radio drama. ‘Treemausers 8: Never Too Late’ returns to the paper zine format with more abstract comedy than ever.

Produced by Brian S. Ellis while visiting Boston from Oregon during the week of Blastfest 6. 24 pages, Black and White. 30 copies.

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