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WFR104: Samolis/Pooser – The Mother’s Day album (CD-R)


Recorded on Mother’s Day 2013 at Mamashoe World Headquarters in Wendell MA, this is the first Mamashoe recording in over a decade (Matt Samolis – Flute / Jeoffrey Pooser – Bass). Recorded in real time, these live duo improvisations were recorded in a room overlooking a pond full of peepers, who can prominently be heard throughout the recording. It was such a wonderful sound that we often just sat and listened to them instead of playing. The result is a disc full of peepers, plus some acoustic free jazz as an added bonus. The session begins and ends with short episodes of Tibetan singing bowls. The duo playing is at turns sensitive and brash, subtle, and not without brief spells of abandon, building intricate structures of fleeting tonalities and extended microtonal interplay. 100 copies of frog stamped cd-rs in stamped brown sleeves.

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