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WFR109: Knight Howls – Knight Howls / Live on Space Mountain (7″)


“You cannot have more fun than seeing these guys play. Boston’s one & only literally-act-like-you’re-a-rabid-wolf-under-a-full-moon-until-the-audience-loses-it’s-mind-laughing band, and man they are great at it. Rolling on the floor, clawing at laps, playing in imaginary leaves. Using nothing but a couple of microphones, these two fellas can easily rouse (and control!) a couple hundred people into acting out the night like animals. One side is a combination of a ton of different live recordings, and the flip is recorded while riding on Disney’s Space Mountain roller coaster. Arkm Foam (Bang Bros, Whitehaus, Peace Loving) & Frank Hurricane (holy man-about-town).”

-Angela Sawyer, Weirdo Records

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