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WFR111: Chillith Fair 1-5 Compilation (digital)


Somebody had to say it. Casey Rocheteau and Kate Lee were sitting around trying to think of the best fest you could do and they did it. After 5 amazing showcases ‘celebrating women in music’ from places as weird as the abandoned bear cages in the snow, to a full on proper theater with lights + bells + whistles. Every single Chillith Faire was a special event gaining notoriety for booking seasoned performers as well as giving the newbie a shot too. Most were sprawling line-ups with amazing artistic range and diversity, this 2hour long compilation gives just a small taste! Much thanks to all the Chillith performers!!!

Released digitally at http://whitehausfamilyrecord.bandcamp.com/album/chillith-fair-1-5

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