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IN PARADISE with Erich Haygun!

Our new LP compilation Are You In Paradise?,

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is out and we are hosting a release celebration at Spectacle this Saturday, February 11, 2012. From now until the party, we will be spotlighting one track from the compilation every few hours.

Erich Haygun – Get Closer

Haygun has been a staple of the City of Boston for his entire life. He has contributed immensely to the Boston poetry scene and the Whitehaus Family Record with his slick wordcrafting and captivating performances. Recently, he moved to Vancouver to pursue a career in living on the west coast. We miss him terribly. Erich will be skyping in and performing his poem “Get Closer” LIVE over the INTERNET at Spectacle on 2/11.

WFR072: Erich Haygun – Elsewise (CD-R / digital)

This entire collection of songs was produced, written and recorded in hotel rooms across the United States while Haygun was on tour with basketball’s losingest team, The Washington Generals. The music for each track represents one night in a given hotel room, with the entire process of sound creation, sequencing and recording live to 2-track being completed in a single session. Haygun then pieced together lyrics for each of those clips from the constant swirl of land and time coming through the bus window. “You don’t have to stay here, but you can’t go home

The original release of this CD-R included a limited edition of hotel room key cards, hand-labeled during Haygun’s tour with The Trotters and The Generals. Edition of approx 100.

Listen to this album on Soundcloud

WFR060: The Analog/Digital Debate (CD-R)

This is Haygun’s debut album on the Whitehaus Family Record, released in Summer of 2009. It is entirely self-produced except for the beat for “1994” which was made by Jimmy Doorlocks. It was originally titled “Some Rap Songs and One Folk Song,” which is a blatantly accurate description. It has an inordinate volume of samples of Tom Cruise talking about Scientology/ masculinity. It also includes the studio version of Haygun’s popular poem “The Sound Guy’s Revenge.” All music was produced exclusively on an MPC 1000.

Released on CD-R in edition of 100.
Stream / Download the album for free at Bandcamp.