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New Morgan Shaker Album OUT NOW!!!

“You are falling down a dark corridor until you land with a puff in a bank of pure crystalline snow.  Clutching your ice dagger and navigating with the warmth of your heart you set out on a hazy mystical journey to the cave of the Ice Queen, with destiny on your side and only the owls to protect you”

This new addition to the WFR recording catalogue should please all who are looking for an experimental fantasy in to the dark and mystical world of snow-fi.  Clocking in at twenty seven minutes, this album was constructed with the use of tapes, a keyboard, a sampler, and electricity.  There are places to listen to this album free online before you buy, but there are a few handmade limited edition hard copies available for the low price of five dollars plus shipping.  WFR Artists/Store

Also Blastfest 2 is March 13th….