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Are You In Paradise with Peace, Loving

Our new LP compilation Are You In Paradise?, is out and we are hosting a release celebration at Spectacle this Saturday, February 11, 2012. From now until the party, we will be spotlighting one track from the compilation every few hours.

Peace, Loving – Take Juan Passa Ground

We chose Peace, Loving as the opener for the ARE YOU IN PARADISE? record because they are the ultimate band. Truly. If you want to know any more about Peace, Loving, please read the Boston Hassle feature on them: “Just One Person’s Perspective”. At the Spectacle show on 2/11, Peace, Loving will be performing a total of 6 songs, acting as the backing band for Gracious Calamity, Welcome Home, B. Law, Morgan Shaker, Shira E. (as played by Shai E.), and themselves.

WFR068: Treemausers 7: Radio Heaven. Now’s Hour’s with Musical Guest Peace, Loving (radio / digital / 3xtape)

‘Treemausers 7: Radio Heaven’ is a 3 hour nonstop live Peace, Loving variety show performance that aired as part of the ‘Now’s Ours’ program on WZBC. It features skits, PSAs, interviews, live performances, and lots of sound.

Originally released digitally via, later released as a triple casette with artwork by Kate Lee

Stream / Download the album at

WFR064: Peace, Loving: Live on WZBC (CD-R)

Recorded live on 90.3 WZBC 1/17/11 during a three hour peace, loving performance marathon (later released in full as ‘Treemausers 7: Radio Heaven.’ Performing are Kate Lee, Morgan Shaker and Arkm Foam. Mixed by Arkm Foam. Mastered by Shane Myrbeck.

Released on CD-R in chipboard sleeve with yellow paint and glued on googly eyes.

WFR056: Peace, Loving: Six Kinds of Mystery at the edge of beach forest; terrible fishgut magic (CD-R)

Recorded in the middle of the night in Horaflora‘s attic. The first track is a binaural (through Horaflora’s head) recording of the set that Peace, Loving played on their 2010 Diggers of the Sea Tour. The second track is a collaboration between Horaflora and atomfoam.

First pressing was released on CD-R in black & white photocopied folded paper sleeve.
Second pressing was released on CD-R in b&w photocopied on color folded paper sleeve. The second pressing had an edited version of the Peace, Loving tour set.

WFR054/WFRV 001: Whitehaus Family Record Family Record (2XLP)

A double vinyl LP compilation of tracks from 26 artists associated with the Whitehaus in Jamaica Plain.

that summer you moved quickly. there was no time after work to go home before the show so you pack those boots in your bag in the morning when you left the new apartment, made a call during a cigarette break and scribbled an address, a part of town you don’t know but go alone anyway, all the streets look the same but you find it, from the outside it looks like no one’s home and at the bottom of the dark stairs you panic. you almost turn and run but you don’t and the door opens for your knock and there’s a smiling face on the other side…

seasons become other seasons and yet again and again, when you go shopping at the local grocer you know the cashier and tell the sweet boy how well he sang last night, you are location now, faces have become friends, friends become roommates, and front doors become memories. And there’s the stoop where you broke up with that guy from Brattleboro, there’s the porch where Austin taught you to juggle, there’s the parking lot where everybody plays communist soccer in the spring…

now under your skin a record is written of the electric stutterspit heartbeat of a place, made of movement and songs, made of history and fiction, and yes, it was written by everyone. Yes, the people all of them that live inside and outside and outside, you look like a giant. Better than Mount Rushmore. More like the river, standing to its feet, Yes, you can hear it. Can’t you hear it? The Sun is applauding… (Brian Stephen Ellis)

Stream / Download the album at Bandcamp.Com

WFR038: Peace, Loving: LIVE (CD-R)

much like the first thanksgiving. grab a chunk of this, some cornbread, a turkey leg, cranberry sauce. yum! live recordings from the ‘peace, loving’ band. get together with your bud, give it a spin, see where it takes you. see where it has taken others before you. untitled banjos, chimaxes, smell-0-vision, anthems for a simple pilgrim.

WFR029: Peace, Loving: Live ’08 (tape)

The four tracks from Peace, Loving’s previous CD-R release ‘The Shape of Jazz to Come’ plus 2 bonus tracks of the Brian S. Ellis driven ’94 Ford Taurus’ and ‘Touronto’ tracks collaged from live recordings from on tour in Toronto, ON. All tracks recorded live in 2008 at: First Church Jamaica Plain, Mass Art Squash Courts, The Points North Kitchen, and Tranzac Club Toronto.

C30 with water colored covers. Edition of 30.

WFR028: Peace, Loving: The Shape of Jazz to Come (CD-R)

Collage recordings of Peace, Loving’s first live performances. Tracks include the Brian Ellis poem ‘Decade’, Arkm’s anthemic ‘Untitled Banjo’, the very first ‘Chimax’, and the Morgan Shaker original ‘Build a Bomb’. Recordings sourced from holy locations such as the First Church in Jamaica Plain, The Points North Kitchen in Roslindale, and the Mass Art Squash Courts. Collaged together on a 4-Track by Arkm Foam at the Whitehaus.

Released as a CD-R in chipboard sleeve with ripped up computer print outs of Ornette Coleman’s ‘Shape of Jazz To Come’, and a photograph of early apartment art. Edition of 12.


The first Whitehaus Family Showcase happened on March 21, 2008 at the Cambridge YMCA Theater! Sound engineered and recorded by Shane Myrbeck. Performers include: Brian S. Ellis, We’re in Towne, Stephanie Berry, Jacob Mashak, Avi Jacob, Piddly Kids, Kettle Stitches, Uncle Shoe, The Woodrow Wilsons, The Good Party, Peace,Loving, Manners, Casey Rocheteau, Prince Rama of Ayodyha, Lindsay Clark, The Live Adventure, Many Mansions / Baixia, and The Bright Hearts Brigade. Multiple tracks from each artist!

Released as a two-disc CD-R in gatefold chipboard sleeves. Artwork designed and screenprinted by Greta Merrick. Artwork was adapted from the Blastfest concert poster designed and printed by Greta Merrick. Insert designed by Greta Merrick.

Stream / Download Disc 1 at
Stream / Download Disc 2 at


Below is a list for the fall
it would be nice to see you.

Stay tuned for all information.
Shows added daily.

* = booked
++ = w/ Peace, Loving

9/14 Jamaica Plain, MA – The Whitehaus*
w/ The Cups, Ambitious Tugboat, Mega Bog & iji

9/15 Allston, MA – Gay Gardens*
w/ The Cups, The Needy Visions, The Points North

9/16 North Hampton, MA – The Fly Wheel*
w/ Emma N. Young & TBA

9/17 Tivoli, NY – Bard College*
w/ The Great Valley

9/18 Brooklyn, NY – Silent Barn*
w/ The Great Valley

9/19 Philly, PA – Bodega*
w/ Emma N. Young & TBA

9/20 Greenville, NC – Tipsy Tea Pot*

9/21 Asheville, NC – BoBo Gallery*

9/22 Columbus, OH – Monster House*

9/23 Cleveland, OH – Menstrual Mansion*

9/24 TBA, IL

9/25 Bloomington, IL – Maison Fause*
w/ Teaadora

9/26 Chicago, IL – Ball Hall*
w/ Teaadorra

9/27 Lincoln, NE – Cultiva Cafe*
w/ Little Teeth

9/28 DenveR, CO – s00kr33m’s*


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Nevada City, CA*
w/ John Deux

10/1 Berkeley / SF, CA

10/2 Oakland, CA*

10/3 Shane & Emily’s Wedding* ++
w/ The Family

10/4Oakland, CA – Om Sweet Om* ++
w/ Selaroda

10/5 Eugene, OR – Stonehenge* ++

10/6 Portland, OR ++

10/7 Portland, OR / Olympia, WA ++

10/8 Olympia, WA – The Professors Lodge* ++
w/ Light House

10/9 Seattle, WA – Blue Bird Ice Cream*++

10/10 Seattle, WA – Hollow Earth Radio*++

10/13 Anacortes, WA – The Business* ++

10/14 Bellingham, WA – Hoot House* ++
w/ Friendship & the Fawn

10/15 Vancouver, BC – Lions Den* ++

10/15 Vancouver, BC – Blim* ++

10/17 Vancouver, BC – The Precipice* ++
w/ Unreliable Narrator